2009-09-29 10:46:42 ET

Today I discovered that old rich people who don't like my hair will excuse it if I come off as the eccentric artist type. Weird.

2009-09-27 13:53:55 ET

I <3 my new hair.

2009-09-26 16:19:19 ET

OMG my hair is awesome. Pics soon.

2009-09-23 17:13:52 ET

So, I need help choosing which motorcycle jacket... it's down to one jacket and two colors. The advantages of the pink is I think it'll be more attention getting... even if I cut someone off (not saying I will or some shit) I think people would be a whole less likely to try to a kill a female on a bike so I might try to use this to my advantage.


Advantage of the black - it looks bad ass - nuff said. lol.

And, one from the back (couldn't find a pic of the pink from the back)


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