2009-09-03 09:22:07 ET

So, Dad's doing pretty well which I'm glad for.

Scott and I have been apartment/condo/rental house hunting as we're moving on or around October 1st. Our current landlord is a bitch and tries to find new ways to get more money out of us every month. It's pretty pathetic.

2009-09-01 05:16:30 ET

Dad came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. The doctors say my mom brought him in very early and their doesn't appear to be any permanent damage. I guess there's a cardiac enzyme they analyze after the attack, and my dad's never passed more than 300 and they often see it in the thousands level after these things. If someone with medical knowledge could explain that I'd appreciate it.

I'm staying at my parents house during the working day today (as I have online classes) to dad-sit as mom is a bit fearful about him being by himself so soon after this whole series of events.

Scott and I see my therapist this afternoon - still deciding what I'd like to talk about today other than the fear and anxiety of the realization of my parents' mortality.

2009-08-29 13:45:17 ET

So, today I was awoken by my landlord banging down my door. She said my mom was on the phone and was unable to get ahold of me. I pick up the phone and learn that my dad's had a heart attack and has been admitted to St. Anthony's Hospital, which is about 15 minutes away. So, I stumble out of bed and get there as quick as I can (with Scott's assistance in locating clothes.)

My Dad is stable right now, but still on the Cardiac ICU floor, so here's hoping he'll continue doing as well as he is. Kind of freaky for me because as much as my parents and I don't get along - this is the first time I've had to face their mortality.

My Dad is mostly worried with what excuse he can give his employer (he's an attorney) that won't impact him getting passed over for various leadership advancements... I put a few stupid movies on his iPhone for him and brought that to him earlier...

I'll update more tomorrow.

2009-08-12 15:44:49 ET

So, life is going alright. Whether I'll be able to continue school this semester is in the hands of Financial Aid - 50/50 shot methinks. If my financial aid doesn't go through, I'm not sure what I'll do... maybe freak out and pretend to be pregnant.

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