2009-08-02 14:17:31 ET

So, I keep thinking what I'm going to do with my life... if I had the mental aptitude I think I'd like to be a psychiatrist.

2009-08-02 14:08:03 ET

I miss Matt - a lot. But I'm not letting myself hurt Scott again.

I wish it would rain so I could slide the Miata with less wear on my tires.

2009-07-29 08:56:22 ET

So, I'm typing this from USF. I got out last night without issue, but I've gotten a zillion begging/pleasing text messages from Matt - so I don't know what's up with that. If he really missed me he wouldn't have done things to make me want to go... ugh, stupid men. I'm not falling for it again - I stand a chance to actually be happy with Scott. Who obviously cares a great deal about me if he's willing to try again after how much I hurt him.

2009-07-28 14:50:07 ET

Once I stop scratching at my scalp so it heals my hair needs a change.

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