2009-07-17 16:53:14 ET

So, I put a song of mine on youtube, you should check it out.


2009-07-17 15:04:45 ET

Webcams make me pale. YES!

2009-07-16 15:21:20 ET

Sushi went fabulously. Had some time to chat with Matt about some pretty important issues. I told him I was applying for out of state schools as well, and he was like, "why?" And it told him, "quite frankly, I don't expect you to still be around in Fall 2010 which is the semester I'm applying to transfer for." He gave me the most pathetic look I've ever seen - but I'm still applying there as it's always good to have a backup plan and a slush fund. Because the truth is, he's the only reason I'm still in Florida.

2009-07-16 10:45:59 ET

Matt and I are going to go grab sushi in an hour. YAY!

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