2009-07-15 16:32:01 ET

Beware, relationship bs:

So, my ex (Scott) totally called it like he saw it when we broke up. He thought I was sleeping with Matt and cheating on him, which I wasn't Matt was like my bestfriend. Lo, and behold the longer I stay here the more I want him to myself.

We're just like two peas in a pod. Except when religion/politics/gays/abortion is brought up. I could tell you anything you'd ever want to know about Hondas. And he can make 30 year old, 600hp with the help of a diesel turbo Volvo's run reliably as daily drivers. And, we mesh so well together even though we're both dominant types.

Here's the problem, he has a girlfriend. Who also lives here. From what I gather they've gradually become roommates - I see no affection on his end towards her. Fuck, I want him for myself. Which he says will happen - when the time is right which will be when he's saved up enough to move out of her place with me. We shall see... (I'm not holding my breath - men lie.)

2009-07-15 13:24:50 ET

I'm having the tastiest snack ever. I call it the salt bowl. It is a handful of pickles, some green olives, and a few banana peppers.

2009-07-15 11:20:29 ET

I've been using ChaCha a lot to try to pay for my phone bill & some gas. If I sell the Hasport Cable to Hydro Trans. Conversion I'm not using, the roomie and I are going to go grab some OMFG BEST SUSHI EVER at this sushi joint that does All You Can Eat fabulous sushi Wed-Fri nights for $20/person.

If you're ever in the Tampa Bay area you need to check this place out:
Tokyo Bay
5901 Sun Blvd # 121
St Petersburg, FL 33715
(727) 867-0770

In an X-Rated addition to the above post:
I was bad... I slept with my roommate... but, it was amazing...

2009-07-14 15:55:31 ET

I must say, I really like this site better than IAM. It's a lot more community based, people actually talk to each other... :D

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