2009-07-14 14:52:45 ET

I love not having "big girl hair".

On another note, I think I'd like to move after I get my AA, so I'll be applying for Fall 2010 semester in a few months...

So far I think I'm applying at:

USF (I know I'll get in, this is the if I chicken out on leaving all I know behind choice)
University of Minnesota (why not - Minneapolis is a cool city)
and a few others... any suggestions anyone for a lowly Psychology major..

2009-07-12 14:23:17 ET

Secretly, I'm like 5.

2009-07-11 22:06:48 ET

I'm utterly bored of my hair... so, I need you guys to help me decide wtf to do to it... so here goes...

Option A: redish - kind of like this:

Option B: keep the purple

Option C: black/dark-brown

Sooo- what do you guys think?

2009-07-10 18:25:22 ET

Today, I lost control. For the first time in nearly five years. The end result is two gashes on top of what was scar tissue. I'll do what I have to do, get up and start counting days again.

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