2011-08-13 17:03:13 ET

I wanna be a success story, but I think I'm going to be a warning instead.

2011-08-09 10:40:01 ET

*cue to "Crazy On You" by Heart*

Yep, I'm gonna chase that boy away.

2011-08-04 05:24:31 ET

Not very happy with myself. Supposedly I've gained 4 pounds since Friday. Greg thinks it's water weight because of my eye injury and what not as I haven't eaten 4 pounds worth of excess calories...

2011-08-02 17:15:31 ET

Ugh, I'm really starting to wonder if the disrepair of our current place is making us sick.

Greg has now been sick for over two weeks with a persistent cough leading to regurgitation, bad headaches, ridiculously frequent urination, etc. The coughing then regurgitation thing gets worse when we are home. He is uninsured so the ER won't do anything for him, he's on our county's health plan but he's gone twice and wasted 10 hours in their waiting room to be told to go home and rest it off. Clearly that's not working, he's lost probably nearly 20 pounds in those 2 weeks and he's not a huge dude (5'10" was about 220).

I'm experiencing an eye infection and ridiculous sensitivity to light. Like, I can't drive during day time sensitivity to light because I can't see well enough to wear regular sunglasses and not my glasses as I've been banned from my contacts by the ER until I follow up with my eye doc which I'll do tomorrow. Though, I doubt he'll clear me as I'm still having issues but honestly I've noticed my eyes hurt a lot more (other than the sensitivity) while at home.

The thing is our landlord sucks and doesn't maintain this shithole - our roof has leaked for 3 months, our bathroom door is falling off it's hinge (has to be picked up to close the door) and is splitting itself down the middle. I've told Greg if it's the house he needs to give the landlord notice as our last month is already paid so I'll put the rent money toward finding us a new place - I know I can accomplish that with my next few paychecks until disbursement hits. I'd only need to cover September's rent and move in costs before financial aid hits again if we can stay here through the end of the month.

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