2011-07-26 10:27:23 ET

So, since I've mostly been bitching about weight lately I'll give you guys an update on the other shit.

Greg and I have decided our place is a shit hole and we are moving as soon as we get financial aid so aiming to be moved in to a new place by early October. Our landlord is nice but he just doesn't have the funds to keep his places and good order - honestly they need to be demolished and start over but that's not going to happen. The place has so many issues and it's quickly becoming unlivable. Almost the whole house is rotted, the door is splitting in half, etc. We've given up on getting him to fix anything and re-calked the tub ourselves. His older sister (in her mid 30's) is going to be our roommate and cover half. So, we're looking at houses. We found this BAMF new 3br/3ba house with garage but they want $1400. If we could find another roommate we'd so do it but we don't want to live with people we don't already know for fear of stuff getting stolen, abused, broke, what not. We're looking at houses and duplexes - really don't want to do the apartment thing and the single family house is totally preferred.

I'm employed by my current job until the end of August, then hopefully they'll have found a permanent position for me but it's up in the air. Basically if they decide to re-open their thrift store I have a job (thrift store manager), if they don't I probably don't have a job. I found some retail spots that would totally work for a lot better pricing than the board could find so keep your fingers crossed for me on that.

2011-07-25 06:07:17 ET

Will someone please help me to find motivation to go to the gym today because I know I won't make it up later?

I'm so sleepy, I slept like shit, my back hurts, and I had to get up at 6:30 to stand outside the health dept with a sick boyfriend - I'm thinking tonsillitis.

2011-07-22 17:55:56 ET

I'm really socially awkward and bad at group outings.

How do I politely decline in the future?

2011-07-21 14:08:58 ET

Weighed in at 282. 8 lbs down in 10 days. 8 lbs down from my highest weight ever. I refuse to be over 300 pounds. I've never hit 300 but I'm too close for comfort so this needs to change. I don't have a pounds goal, I have a size goal. I want to be able to fit in to a size 14 in Gap Jeans.

I've been going to the gym 4x week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) during lunch and biking 2 miles in 8-9 minutes and doing weights for 30-40 minutes. Today I was pissed because the two more reclining bikes were both being used, so I tried the elliptical, I fucking hate the elliptical. I did 1/4 mile on it and then settled for one of the more standard bike things, but the position is uncomfortable because it feels like my knees are attacking my blubber and makes me nauseous. I made myself do 1 mile on it despite it making me feel that one.


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