2011-06-29 11:44:34 ET

Hair is getting done tomorrow. Eyebrows too, they need some hardcore cleanup. Already made the appointments. Probably going to rock the sea monster some more.

Greg starts a new job Tuesday, so I'm going to start going to the gym during my lunch hour instead of going home which is probably a good thing. I could stand to eat a lean cuisine instead of whatever he decides to cook for lunch honestly. But, I definitely have to buy a new sports bra as I don't own any. And I get to pay all the bills by myself this month, woohoo - so excited! Not. Hello and goodbye paycheck. :(

2011-06-23 15:04:52 ET

Greg still hasn't found another job. It's going on 3 months. I think I'm about done with this shit. I'm sick of having to pay for everything that we do for two.

He's mad at me for accidentally dinging someone's car door at the restaurant... looked like a mega cunt whose parents pay for everything anyways. Sorry if I don't feel so horrible about it. They'll probably just buy you a new car if you whine about it enough.

Yep, I secretly despise people whose parents pay for everything when they're 18 or older. Probably wicked envious since I don't get that luxury. Whatevs.

2011-06-18 15:27:32 ET

Gosh, I've been wayyy too busy.

The Thrift Store management temp gig is still going well. Hopefully I'll be able to find a perm higher hours p/t job out of it.

Last Sunday, we rode to Stuntwars... nice little trip. Yep, I'm still sunburned.

Greg took on a custom project for pay, so he's pretty stoked. He also went to a temp agency to try to land a data entry gig and did well enough on the tests that they suspect they can find him something. So *fingers crossed*. I guess Stevens Transport pulled out at the last minute on Greg's application - he's not sure what is up with that but hopefully it's for the better.

Today was the 6th day in a row that I went to work, I'm glad I get most of Monday off (all of it if I choose to take it). I don't know whether I'm taking the whole thing off or not yet. :)

2011-06-10 11:01:51 ET

Well, it's about to get exciting here... maybe. Not in a good way.

I'm reaching the end of the 2nd week in to my temp gig with the YWCA (interim thrift store manager).

Greg is more than likely to start doing OTR trucking with Stevens Transport unless he can find a job here in the next week or so. He's already been hired, he just has to tell them when he's ready to go to Dallas to get his 3 week refresher CDL school thing done. We're not breaking up. We talked a lot of shit over. We've actually been getting along pretty well. Basically, if I get a decent job at the end of the temp thing we'll make a LDR work and he'll send home money so I can afford to keep our place. His company said they'll route him home every 3 weeks but he's warned me that in his experience it ends up being around every 6-12 weeks. I think I'd go stark-raving mad by myself for that much of a time period.

If I can't find a decent job at the end of this temp assignment I'll be joining him on the road and we'll be subletting our place furnished to my little brother so that we can keep our stuff there as DOT requires him to maintain a real address and not a PO box. But, the part that really makes me sad is that this transport company has a no pets policy. I would have to rehome the katzen and he would have to rehome his dog. I really don't want to rehome the katzen to spend 20 hours a day in a semi. It really makes me cry. I know my brother will not be willing to be responsible for the dog & I highly doubt he'd be willing to take on the cats even though his costs for a furnished place would be $300 (including water) + electric & cable if he chose to have it - we'd be subsidizing $250, I wish for that he'd at least feed the cats and empty the cat box - I'd even gladly pay for the food.

*The katzen is like the kracken but far worse. It has 16 legs, 4 tails, and 4 heads. It is very scary and is a force to be reckoned with.

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