2011-03-20 07:34:07 ET

Had to take Greg to the ER last night. He had an allergic reaction to the overkill of antibiotics that the urgent care clinic prescribed him. ER doc said, had he not come in and continued taking them, there was a very good chance he would have died before taking the last pill. He also didn't eat for a few days but wouldn't go to the ER before then. So, of course he shrunk - which he does very easily anyways.

Then today we went and grabbed lunch and he had the nerve to talk about his excellent portion control abilities... the kind of thing that totally triggers eating disorder feelings in someone who's not actively in their eating disorder but still has the thinking. I literally just sat on the toilet and cried. Wanted to purge. I didn't. Still wish I would have. But by now, it's not really worth it.

We bought a used washer and dryer because our landlord FINALLY put in the hookups. However, it appears that the washer is broken, even though Greg checked it out. YAY! I already told him he gets to pick out the next set if we try to find another set because I tried and failed.

Let's see what else to update you guys on. Got my hair redid. I did what I like to call "office appropriate peacock." I'll get pics up when I stop feeling worthless, unlovable, and ugly.

I lasted a whole week at the really boring temp assignment and I'm supposed to go back tomorrow. Don't really want to but kind of have to since I got screwed on that washer and dryer and now have to buy another set.

2011-03-16 12:18:06 ET

Give me your positive energy. I completely forgot and therefore didn't study for an anatomy test I have in less than an hour. So PLEASE SEND POSITIVE ENERGY MY WAY!

2011-03-12 15:53:18 ET

When your life doesn't match your expectations, even if it's better than your expectations, it feels like a big joke - on you.

2011-03-09 12:28:51 ET

Today Greg & I went snorkeling. The water wasn't as clear as it often is, so we couldn't really see shit. But we still had a good time. I bought us Krystal's before we went. There's no White Castle in the area and we had White Castle cravings. And he bought us ice cream after. I ordered a kiddie scoop because honestly I don't have that much of a sweet tooth.

He replaced the cracked LCD in my old laptop which I am hopefully selling tonight. Got a fair offer. Asked $800 for it, I have someone willing to pay $725. Really, I would have accepted $600+ so I can't complain.

Hopefully picking up a barely used used full size Beretta PX4 after that. Supposedly only 50 rounds through it. Got the guy down to $425. The cheapest I could find it in shops here was $529 before taxes.

Also, I have two job interviews scheduled for tomorrow. One is part-time (30 hours a week) for a new-agey Psychology practice and the other is with a local franchise of the temporary agency I worked for while we lived in Alabama. Wish me luck. Although I've enjoyed my 2 weeks off... got to spend time with the boyfriend. :D

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