2011-03-06 07:35:03 ET

I've actually had a pretty good week of being unemployed.

I've had some great PG and X rated times with the boyfriend. And, I've been reading a book called No Fat Chicks which I think raises a lot of good points. So, I'm done dieting. I'm done with the daily judgment of stepping on a scale. I'm done with feeling guilty for eating a few fries once in awhile. What I am going to do is to try to make more real home-made meals at home and to do more active activities. And, I'm going to accept that my current weight isn't acceptable, but fuck it, my body type is what it is and I need to make peace with it to make it closer to what it should be.

2011-02-28 04:24:08 ET

My new MacBook is supposed to be delivered Thursday. I'm excited.

Currently, I'm sitting in a McDonalds drinking a small iced latte (nonfat milk) while my car gets it's windows tinted before the summer time heat really hits. Greg is convinced this will help with how hot the inside of the car feels immensely. I've never had a car with tinted windows that also had a working a/c so this is a new experience for me.

Still haven't heard a verdict from my interview on Friday but she did e-mail me back and forth a lot on that day about writing samples and banner ad samples. So hopefully that's a good sign. I'd imagine the fact they even e-mailed me to ask for samples after the interview means I didn't screw up the interview too bad and that they're still considering me. I'd be really happy about getting the position, especially if it pays what my old job paid or better...
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2011-02-25 14:00:06 ET

I bought my new MacBook Pro and printer today. Woot! I'm excited, can't wait until they get here.
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So, what would you do.
2011-02-23 08:45:09 ET

For the last week, and on and off through out my period of employment with the most recent company my employer has verbally harassed me. But, the final straw was this morning.

I showed up for work 5 minutes early as usual, and went inside to begin my tasks. My boss (also owner of the company as before today's events the company has 2 employees, thus is not subject to EOC) called in, said he'd be in within 20 minutes and told my co-worker to teach me how to burn mass quantities of CDs for the educational material they published. I went in the warehouse with her and began working on this task. When he arrived the first thing he did was proceed his yelling/rambling at me. Then, once he was done with that he asked her to go back to her office and work on something else. Then, as soon as she was gone and I was alone in the warehouse he yelled at me to get back to work, so I did. Then he yelled at me some more for working while he was talking to me and grabbed my shoulders and pushed me in to the table I was working on. So, obviously once he left I had a panic attack. I've never felt so violated in the work place. Then he left and I continued my tasks, and he kept coming back and just hovering. Then as I was working, out of nowhere he screamed "get the fuck out". So, I did, grabbed my shit and went to my car. I think I will be pressing charges for the assault incident.

The question is timing. I am still owed for 2 days and 2 hours of work. Given it is a small business I doubt I will see that without suing for it if I do press charges. At the same time, what this guy did was wrong and he should be punished for it.

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