2011-02-22 08:05:11 ET

I'm really not that well adjusted at all.

2011-02-18 11:35:31 ET

So, here's some pictures I took the other night with the new camera - Nikon D3100. =)

And here are a few of the current hair color. =)


2011-02-18 10:09:21 ET

Mouth is still a little sore as I had some dental work done yesterday. However, thanks to the halicon, nitrous, and IV anesthesia I don't remember much of yesterday. At least I'm not too swollen right now.

On another NWS note:

I'm pretty fond of this. I bought it for when Greg decides to pull his not much sexy time act... I've never found a vibrator I like but I really like this one.


2011-02-16 04:48:53 ET

So, I think I officially hate my job.

Warehouse dude got fired so now I get to take on his tasks of redoing the company's catalog, redesigning the webpage, and more. I hate graphic design. Just because I can do it doesn't mean that I enjoy it in the slightest. Furthermore, I work fairly quickly so my bosses have an ugly habit of when things surpass their timeline expectations they then arrange for more retarded busy work, like moving pages around which I still haven't found an easy way to do with InDesign. I guess I'll be forced to spend some time looking in to how to do that as easily as possible.

I'm actually looking forward to my dental surgery tomorrow as that will at least be one day this week I don't have to come in and deal with this shit.

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