2011-02-07 04:27:32 ET

I like waking up to sexy time. I am in a great mood too.

Got laid, got breakfast, then had an uneventful commute to work. Looks like it'll be a good day.

Also, I'm thinking of picking up the Olympus Pen EP-1 camera... I'm not sure how I feel about the lack of view finder as I'm coming from DSLR type of cameras but haven't had one in about a year. So, it's either the Olympus Pen or a more trusted and known DSLR.

So, the choices are:





Hmmm... decisions...

2011-02-03 15:18:58 ET

Sometimes I think I should just buy a vibe and live by myself.

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2011-01-31 11:00:41 ET

So Greg is fed up with his work schedule. Apparently the not a single day off the same routine is making him (and me) majorly depressed. It's been really bad this weekend, all he talks about is how he wants to die. So, he's going to start looking at getting a job with a different dealership that preferably only does service 5 days a week (M-F), but he'll settle for having to work a Saturday.

On a more positive note I took my bike to Chad Wolfe (he's a legend, like Chuck Norris) and he made me love my bike all over again. It's so freaking responsive it's insane! I totally rode it like an ass hat on the way home from that... it felt soooo good!

2011-01-27 04:11:36 ET

I'm becoming more emotionally and mentally drained by the second. This 40 hour work week, 2 hours daily commute rountrip, and 16 credit hours is kicking my ass. The kicker is no one seems to give a fuck.

The best metaphor I've got is a finger of the interstate that I live nearby have both a North and South ramp. North points me in the direction of getting to work. South points me in the direction of the Sky Way Bridge which I'm starting to fantasize about jumping off of to break the cycle. That was just melodrama dears.

I text the boyfriend about this, he doesn't bother texting back. He has today off, he's up, and probably has his phone right next to him. Gee, really? I mean so little to you that I don't even deserve a reply, thanks. I mean seriously, do you guys really text people if you don't expect a reply? I know I don't. If I wanted a monologue I'd write here or something... which I guess is what I'm doing.

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