2010-11-27 15:14:14 ET

The holidays are easily the hardest for me in regards to my in remission eating disorder. The fridge is stuffed with leftovers, I'll feel bad if they good bad since so many don't people have food, so what do I do? Stuff my face. Then I feel guilty and fear I'll get even fatter and uglier, and then nobody will love me. It's really ridiculous this affair food and I have.


2010-10-24 10:26:34 ET

"I just don't care anymore, I've reached the end of my rope, and it's time that I've told you so."

2010-10-21 09:24:20 ET

So, if I can get under 200 pounds I'm rewarding myself with a track day, leathers, and a new helmet in the Spring.

2010-10-15 13:40:25 ET

I don't want to be healthy, I want to be beautiful.

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