2011-05-02 18:05:00 ET

More and more I find striking similarities between Greg and my abusive ex Matt. And the more I try to make that little voice STFU.
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2011-03-29 08:08:03 ET

I've had a pretty busy morning:
*drop Greg off at work
*post office, bank
*coffee with an old friend
*volunteer at the domestic violence shelter
*lunch with Greg

Now, I'm home and I'm totally going to play some Dragonage before tackling the litter boxes... they're pretty bad but someone has to do it. And since a certain someone (me), is unemployed and playing housewife I can't complain.

2011-03-25 14:35:35 ET

Well, today I received the last week's paycheck. They shorted me $20 but I'm glad I saw something rather than nothing. Postal Inspector claims that no laws were broken because there was no threatening letter or powdery substances enclosed. Police Dept. is calling it a prank. Whatever.
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2011-03-22 14:05:09 ET

The former employer who battered me decided that it was appropriate to harass me using the US Postal Service and still hasn't paid my last week of pay...

Here's a pic:

It smells much worse than it looks.

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