2011-07-13 17:40:31 ET

I think my new hair turned out awesome.

This is what the boyfriend has been working on for almost the last month.

And sometimes he pretends to be a dinosaur (who rides motorcycles).

Sometimes he pretend to be king of the pillows.

And sometimes he likes to study nature, but putting it in his gigantic ear lobes.

I love that idiot. <3

2011-07-12 09:54:06 ET

I'm proud of myself. I made myself go to the gym two days in a row. Did another 2 miles on the bike and 5 machines again (did different arm ones). I'm doing the leg press one everyday alternating high weight low reps and low weight higher reps because I'm trying to build myself an ass and can't do squats without a spot because of my knee enjoying randomly dislocating itself.

I'm pretty thankful I'm still on my parent's gym membership. I didn't think I was but I still am so now I'm using it as it's either free gym at a nicer higher end place that is seldom busy (http://www.vinoyclub.com/general.html)) or pay for gym at a cheap, hyper busy place that makes me anxious (http://www.planetfitness.com/).). The only downside is I have no workout buddy and if I bring someone else it costs $10 for the "guest fee". But, Greg has been pretty accepting that I need to do this and that's how I spend my lunch hour now.

Greg and I had a pretty bad fight again last night. I apparently ruined his birthday or some shit by not paying enough attention to him. But, in my defense he didn't say shit until 5 before midnight so I couldn't fix it anyways.

2011-07-11 08:39:05 ET

I went to the gym today during my lunch break and did 2 miles on the stationary bike, and 3 sets of weights (5 machines, 2 leg ones and 3 arm ones).

I did some introspective thinking about how much I would really like to pursue music this weekend. The thing that has always held me back is myself and I think if I can work my way down to a size 14 I'd feel a lot more confident - I'm an 18/20 now, so I think that's a reasonable goal. If I decide to set another one when I get there so be it but that's my goal right now. To hell with numbers on the scale.

This week, I'm doing the no carb thing. I found that when I did no carb diets before it's not a permanent solution but it seems to reset my hunger/full feelings so that's my goal as lately while trying to eat on a budget almost every meal had been mostly bread, rice, or pasta based and I was starving all the time. After this week, I will begin reintegrating healthier carbs (whole grains & brown rice instead of white stuff)at a reduced portion size and allow myself one cheat day a week where I can go get sushi/curry or whatever else I don't let myself get regularly.

Also, it's Greg's 26th Birthday today so I'll probably grab a carb-less salad somewhere later on so we can have some birthday festivities!

2011-07-09 09:28:39 ET

Today I learned laundry with Greg is more complicated than white versus non-white sorting methods. For my attire everything I wear is either blue jeans/black pants and black, blue, teal, green, or purple shirts so I usually just do a pants load, a towel load, and a shirts load... (yes, even my undergarments fit under those color categories, I think I own maybe 2 shirts that are rarely worn that don't fit in to that) but he likes to wear the rainbow so I was all like - I have no idea what to do and resorted to white and non-white sorting methods. Apparently that is doing it wrong. lol. oh well.

I haven't had to do laundry with his stuff in it yet and he's been doing all the laundry for like the last 6 months - it's been pretty awesome.

Also, we are going out to dinner with my family tonight to celebrate his birthday (on Monday). He turns 26.

Also, I haven't done a decent update in a short while so it's due...

-Greg has decided to go to college. He's enrolled, fafsa done (he'll get full aid like me), and is planning to major in structural engineering.

-My job is still going well, though the end date of 7/26 is rapidly approaching, not sure what I'll be doing after that. If nothing else, I've earned a good reference and made a friend by helping someone else in the bike community get a temp position.

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