Chinatown Bus to "Newpo' New!"
2011-05-20 17:07:41 ET

Hmm...Sloth, CHECK! Gluttony, CHECK! Vanity, APPARENTLY SO!! Now pride....that was always a tricky one. Ain't sure about lust either and frankly I've plumb forgotten the other two.....

Just me and my last minute primping before goin' to a shoot in Newport News this past Sunday. How have all you SKers been? Well I hope...

Oh yea, I learned crime games can be cool with Saints Row. HURRRRRR!!! :P
Fight Club
K-ON! Vol. 1 (Bandai Dub)

DJ Hero 2 (360)
Saints Row 2 (360)
Power Gig: Rise of the SixString (360)
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (GEN)
VR Troopers (GEN)
Power Rangers SPD (GBA)

Potential Bleeding Fingers
Saints Row: The Third (360)
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSP)
Phantasy Star Online 2 (Platform Undetermined)

2011-05-21 03:21:51 ET

life is always progressing (: i changed my sk layout a bit. OH EM JEEZ.

2011-05-23 21:07:49 ET

OOOooooooooooo!! Such schnazzy skyscraperz!!! ^_^V

2011-05-24 01:27:22 ET

photo i took from the 73rd floor of columbia center in my 'hood - 2nd tallest (and tallest in terms of stories) building on the west coast. (:

2011-05-30 18:11:21 ET

:) love ur new pic. How has life been treating you as of late?

2011-06-01 10:25:30 ET

Pretty alright, still doin' mah dirty movies and somehow ended up in practically the perfect relationship with an admirer, who I can honestly say I admire more. He plain understands a hell of a lot without me having to explain near as much :)

I've been living in NYC with the aforementioned guy for the past couple of months, I must say it's a better feeling than life at home or the last place I tried living, which I am slowly learning was only one group or so's opinion on how life is supposed to be, and a bassackwards one at that. Needless to say I'm in better spirits. You think about it's borderline Cinderella, minus the house-frau factor; living amongst an adverse family or families, a guy using whatever means to find me after seeing a photo set of mine, including this SK page (much like the ball and kinda like the slipper thing), but I guess I have more of a tech godmother than a faery one.....god that should have been an entry. ^^;

2011-09-21 19:21:07 ET

I feel like I missed a chance at the fabeled "SK IRL Meetup", as no one I've ever met has even know wtf Newport News is.

Oh wellsies.

2011-09-21 19:26:56 ET

D'aw...Now I up and beat it to Oregawnz on top of that. Everybody is still awesome, presence or not. :P

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