George Bush doesn't care about Black Rangers!!!2005-11-04 07:27:53 ET


lol I'm finished...

get-winded-and-fall-on-your-can-a-whole-new-damn-way-revolution2005-10-13 06:49:46 ET

Hello! I needed to update and whatnot...How the hell is everybody? Me, I'm out of high school and in a neato college, that is indeed a community college...oh the noes!! (if you dont get my reference...i was yelled at because i made it sound like i didnt like community college. lol i still apologize for the misunderstandings) But anyway, other cool things happened.

I met some really cool people at the mall...for real this time. There's been a big loitering crackdown at the mall we must find other places.

Uhm...I'm still drawing pictures, and am coming out with another series! lol stay tuned for Raver Power art, dudes.

If I think of anything else I'll sure as hell post it. But one more thing before I go...


2005-07-16 08:19:18 ET


Uhm, a real post without bad Spanish when I feel like it lol
Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix & Drummania 2nd mix (PS2)

Potential Bleeding Fingers
Sonic Gems Collection
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Shadow the Hedgehog

Sentimental Bus: Sunny Day Sunday

Mama was burning a hole in my aunt! Please let me down to HOLD THE KETCHUP!!!!2005-04-02 15:39:14 ET

You know you're real crappin' bored when you make avatars like this.
I made a page on VampireFreaks and I guess I never acknowledged it here. lol Same crazy avatar'll be there...

lol Last night at the mall some chicks in a limo pulled up. They got out, took one look at us and said "Devil Worshipers!! YOU ALL NEED SOME JESUS!!!" lol one of them just stared at me, these were black chicks mind you, and gave me that crazy you-have-betrayed-your-race look. lol I LOVE those...

Uhm I'll post more when I get some other issues put out of commission...
Pump it Up Exceed (PS2)
Gekisou Sentai CarRanger (Super Famicom [Sufami Turbo])
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More funkee quizness2005-03-09 21:59:50 ET

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!


WAAAAAH!!2005-02-27 17:34:51 ET

You are King Mondo! You seem to think you're all
that, but you really aren't. At least Lord Zedd
fell for your act. You went up against the Zeo
Ranger's Super Zeo Megazord and got your tail
kicked. You do, however, get loyalty from
those other robots you command. The only one's
who seemed to defy you were the Zeo Rangers and
your son and daughter-in law, Prince Gasket and
Archerina. You and your wife, Queen Machina,
were destroyed by Zordon's golden wave in Power
Rangers In Space.

What Zordon Era villain (or villainess) are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!!2005-01-01 15:27:31 ET

Crappy foo beer with the new year i sport a new check it out

My mom started to put in synthetic braid deallys. Halfway through, her hand got numb from carpal tunnel and she couldnt continue. No matter. I improvised by spiking the rest of my parents aint very happy, but i'll let you people be the judge

While other people use a plastic phaser, I decide to take a different approach: Z-REX BLASTER, KID!!!

Letsee...uhm the holiday was pretty damn cool. I introduced the family the coolest Christmas movie ever: A CHRISTMAS STORY!!! lol cant believe none of them have seen it. I scored money again. I got an EyeToy and DDR EXTREME (the hands and feet game is pretty damn cool, and so was the World Class Track Meet rip off game) It's fun seeing how goofy you dance on the screen.

Erm, more stuff when it comes to byes!
EyeToy: Play (PS2)
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PS2)
Doom (32X)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)
Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (Gamecube)

A Christmas Story

Republica: Bloke
Cibo Matto: Know Your Chicken
The Power Rangers Orchestra: Go Go Power Rangers

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