2002-12-12 16:45:56 ET

who know's how you get yer template all pretty?

2002-12-12 16:44:57 ET

Watch out: screwing with the template...fwahahaaaaaaaaah!!!

Quizilla is slow as hell.....thank you very much2002-12-10 15:37:11 ET

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

--BUMP--2002-12-07 09:38:10 ET

For those who was dead asleep at midnight, look at entry below...

A scribble, a scrabble, and further I babble...2002-12-06 19:21:18 ET

...I don't think this looks much like Heather

sexy scary stuff either way, I guess...I don't think I'ma get into this game though...

She be a Sk8er grrl--Avril done made me hurl--I wanna go to the Otep thingy...

Yeeaa she skates, my CAS version of Tori also knows the 900 and the Summoner (I wanna give her Visiting Home, crappit) I'ma do more Alternative Sports crap though, so you lookit...next up I'ma do some SK couples...
Delight Delight Reduplication (PC)

She who will not be named: Young male on board with four wheels
System of a Down: Chop Suey
koRn: Here to Stay
Kittie: Brackish
Sevendust: Praise
Kelly Osbourne: Papa Don't Preach
Alien Ant Farm: Smooth Criminal

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze

There are no easy toilets in this mode....2002-11-27 18:37:54 ET

Come take the Comprehensive DDR Personality Test!

Created by ptocheia

Omigod--Yayee PUPPET:03

You probably haven't been playing too long, probably are just starting trick level, but you love the game, your future home pad is in the mail, and social life is dwindling rapidly as the Dance Dance conquers yet another victim.

Are you overly obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution?

Created by ptocheia

Oh yeah?!!

2002-11-24 10:00:03 ET

Okay so here's what's down

1)Tori baybee keeps saying SK never answered her back about her application (name is XxBjorkxX) other than what I've told her, anyone who knows to whose attention I should bring this--greatly appreciated

2)lol sister screamed at me this morning because I blew up the eggs again--hehehehehahahah

3)sister and a friend made this stupid harry potter fanfic that you'll see later, just gotta show you

4)I acquired a new name at the skatepark this week
Weird? I know

5)I'm out to purchase Fighter Maker if Moms doesn't stop being fucked up--I'ma tell you about this game too after I've screwed with it

You are Sylvia Plath
No matter how much you struggle, you can't manage to shake off depression. You use symbolism to express yourself and have a knack for getting the most out of gas ovens.

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PSX)
Knuckles in Sonic 2 (Genesis)

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