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Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?

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Snuffy's Suicide Attempts Poor baby, life is rough for you, huh? No one seems to see you, no one notices your pain--except for your friend Big Bird, but he's alway off hanging out with his other friends. You wish you were him, all happy and curious and popular and bright yellow. You feel like his shadow anymore, like the only reason you exist is to amuse him. It's hard being somebody's imaginary friend. But stop trying to kill yourself--imaginary people can't kill themselves. Sorry. And hey, maybe tomorrow you'll feel better! Someday people will see you, I promise.
Freddy Got Fingered

one-two-three-four-oh-oh-seven...all the pricks I'll send to heaven2003-01-18 13:19:21 ET

welp...this is the beta draft thing of my coffe table book project thing-thing, one of them anyway...

I'ma first make up my own kingdom hearts spoof logo I guess, then fix that Keyblade and possibly her attire, prolly not,..discuss amongst yourselves, heheh...

the other one is more or less gonna be some Fiver-DDR-Pump it Up!-thing...i dunno, gotta think this one i guess
the special ed school i'm in is becoming dramatically more and more retarded by the nanosecond...parents are looking to remove me, but for where? where's that Rayvin? she'll know something or other...
Jet Grind Radio (problematic Dreamcast, I almost fixed it by putting in the Disc Reader from my old one that wouldnt read controllers, it did little to nothing with most games...)
Demo: Frequency(PS2)
Kingdom Hearts(PS2)
Fighter Maker 2(PS2)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3/4(PS2)
Fighter Maker 2(PS2)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2(Genesis)
Doom (32X)

Coupling (NJN)
My Hero (NJN)


2003-01-13 16:07:03 ET

erghh dammit, anyone wanna throw a coffe table book idea my way, heheh (j/k) I'm prolly gonna send in my antiwhale.org pic in, and I'm also doing a sykospark avatar--It's gonna be a sweet kingdom hearts motif---you should check out my keyblade idea for her---yaupo sweetness!!! (dang I havent said that since I was ten years old)

hmmmmm just some game softs I've had my eye on

Advanced V.G. 2-PSX Japan
(VG standing for variable geo,
I have no idea what that is)
well how wouldn't a game about fighting waitresses be a little alluring...this I have my eye on for it's obscurity, it looks like it roxorz...

good VG sitepage thing

it's the only all girl Fighter I've seen aside from Pretty Fighter/Pretty Fighter X...yayee lookit!!!

My Street-PS2
now this is a cool looking game where you get to create a handle character (most flexible and inventive creation mode i've seen) and go online to socialize and play a wide variety of games (only ones i know of so far is dodge ball, RC car racing, weird ass pinball marbles, volleyball)
click for screens
This I probably want solely because character creation is my vice as a gamer (and they're super-deformed children, YAYEE) put that with online play and you got a nice little bugger

RPG Maker 2/RPG Tsukuru 5-PS2
maybe...it looks pretty schway--we're think of writing a world conquest RPG starring Josh, Rayvin, Lars, and of course myself...this wont be the tool in mind but I'm looking it over

Having one the Fighter Makers, another creation tool's going to leave me with no free time, pooooo!!!
What I've been playing
Kingdom Hearts
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Fighter Maker 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 2

MUAH-HAH2003-01-10 18:03:04 ET


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