Hey FIFA!2012-03-31 07:16:07 ET

So this other dingaling (I seem to be a riffraff magnet) puts me on a list of suspects of these, apparently for "knowing her passwords," meanwhile I only ever knew her MySpace password, just knowing passwords by chance isn't even social engineering, let alone hacking, and oh yea, I don't play FIFA! :P


Well at least shit ain't boring!
Bleeding Fingers
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus (PC[Japanese Servers])

Fingers Certainly Not Bleeding
FIFA '11 (X360)
FIFA '12 (X360)

Lay down them dope tracks, iMacdaddy!2012-03-29 15:27:25 ET

Mac started working again, made for some awesome Garageband time! May wanna steer clear if you aren't a fan of satire, but otherwise, enjoy, you lovelies!

Stupid "Options..." thing got stuck on the screen from Movie Maker, eh? D'oh! Well this has been Haylee-Ann saying "I gotta bleedin' restart now!"

Sonic Generations (3DS)
Emily the Strange: Strangerous (DS)
Saints Row the Third: The Trouble with Clones (X360)
DDR Disney's Rave (PSX)

You know you're a total hamm when...2012-03-06 15:22:48 ET

Oh yea, source for those who may not know. ^^;

Just to be clear on one thing that's kept me going...2012-02-20 19:40:59 ET

Yes. :D
Oh yea, to any who might not get the current avatar pic, that'd be Mortal Kombat's character Noob Saibot. ^_^;

Generic Mammy Losers2012-02-13 06:07:32 ET

Beh, is it just me, or this person making thinly-veiled shots at the other party with emphasized statements of "...well, on MY end."

Also, one fine example of "I'm gunna prove how much I don't give a shit by posting to the public about it" in action. Gimme a bleedin' break!

Yea, some dingaling I had to deal with recently. I also can't believe she paid upwards of $100 for the intro clip she uses in her regular vids. Ha!
Oh yea, back in Jersey again, it's where my friends are, and where I know everything. It's time for me to bring the cool once again, yes? Stay neato, people!
Negima?! Master Negi Magi

Sonic CD (PS3)
Soulcalibur V (X360)
Gotham City Impostors (X360)

2011-12-23 13:42:30 ET

I find the rhetoric that "life isn't fair" hypocritical for those who chastise others for "wallowing in self-pity," as I find the two to be similar.

Beh...and now for AWESHUMNESS!!!! :32011-12-03 20:03:34 ET


Anywho, recently ain't been too bad, considering a rather messy, major falling out with the last person I tried to live with. I find myself back in the Dallas area with one of my much better friends. Seems seeing someone accepting and having their crap together for a change (runs his own production company, in a signed, discernibly successful rock band, etc.) is rubbing off on me. I actually feel focused and am figuring out what to get done so as to find resources with which to land either employment or assistance, and to land a place of my own. For once in my life there's something actually important I can't stand waiting to do. Holy cuss do things feel quite better, especially since there's some trouble apparently coming the cunt in question's way, mostly for putting off sending the stuff I left to my parents (I will not trust her with this address). Oh yea, clearly with the above image, I'se turnin' into a she-brony. :P


Srsly guise, check 'em out!! :D

MIKE JUDGE'S!! Beavis and Butt-Head
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (X360)
Sonic Generations (PC)
Saints Row: The Third (PC)

Potential Bleeding Fingers
Eh, other than Soulcalibur V (X360), None! Aren'tchoo proud-a me?
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