2003-06-16 19:02:08 ET


2003-06-16 15:48:00 ET

i am a walking buffet to some lucky mosquito. the sucker decided that during the brief four hours i slept this morning that biting me 26 times would be sufficient. i hope that blood sucker can't fly since he's filled with practically a pint of my blood. tonight the kit gloves come off.

i'm wearing bug repellent to bed.

insomnia aboard
2003-06-16 03:46:53 ET

after a nice weekend. i'm finding it difficult to fall asleep. it's 5:30 and i can't get to bed. i'm kinda hoping that the internet wll put me to sleep. cause the stupid movie i used to go to sleep didn't help. but then again i'm sure i would have stayed away no matter what.

friday night brian and i went over to dayna's to watch a movie. i was kinda tired. unfortunitely, we ended up watching "pootie tang". :/ meh. i'm really tired of films portraying this "ghetto fab" lifestyle. since when is being ignorant and having no respect for youself or anyone else cool? i mean they don't make films portraying trailer trash in a great light. and we certainly don't have young impressionable youth racing out to be like that. my anthoropology teacher describes all of this perfectly. but i am by no means as eloquent or as smart. after the film we went over to deathrock denny's whcih was infact filled with no "death rock" people. just a bunch of norms. i belive the tablein back of us was screaming about a boy ripping a girls weave out or something. my frenchtoast was good.

saturday: we had a very late start. as in sometime after three. after dragging my self out of bed and barely dressing myself. we went out to melrose to go poke around. melrose is going through what i would consider a dreadfully aweful dry spell. and some of the best shops are carrying clothes extremely similar to what you can find in the mall. (RIP WASTELAND) its that 80's nouvue look-off the shoulder ugly bright striped mess. the look that noone seems to be pulling off. you can buy the clothes but the style and the attitude don't fit. kinda like that country gone pop but looks like punk spice avril lavigne. something just ain't right here. anyhow. i got a blacka and white striped bathing suit @ aadvarks which is cute. viva $8. we headed back to brian's. he recorded most extreme elimination challenge andi read the lastest issue of bust. which is all about girlfags, fags hags, and hag fags. simply put about the vast array of fags. (viva los art fags) we searched two video stores and upon our second we victorious with both of the movies we wanted to get. equalibrium and harold and maude. harold and maude is an all time favorite. and brian seemed to like it. equalibrium was essentially 1984 + fahrenheit 451. it was pretty decent with the middle being a bit stale. much like the disappointing ending of 1984. adn it defintely doesn't have that greatness of the film fahrenheit 451. but christian bale + the future + great jacket + good end fight scene makes for a decnet film. i honestly don't ask for much.

sunday: i slept in till onethirty. the boys went skating and then to get food. i didn't go skating and couldn't eat at the place they picked. the food reaked of lard. :/ we headed over to john's for the typical sunday bbq which was filled with gardenburger goodness and conversing about a whole range of topics. followed by some samuri jack and the boys playing super smash brothers. i fell asleep on the couch for about an hour. but i htink it may have been two. but i kept waking up and being in that stupid state of limbo where your pretty sure your asleep except your aware and can hear everything that is going on around you.

roughly about two or so brian decided it was time to leave and head home. so now i'm home. bored to death. not tired and staring at a vast inter-verse that has nothing to offer at the moment.


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