carpet shark!
2003-06-11 16:27:18 ET

i was attempting to study for my abnormal psychology test. but the ferret keeps calling me. so i took more photos.


mega ultra extravaganza
2003-06-10 18:04:36 ET

things have been very up and down for me lately. it's been days of back and forth.
let's start with

friday! : i had a final in my alternitive processes class. It turned out really well. i am very happy with the results and i got a really good grade in the class too. viva. then to my anthropology class. <3 i love that class. i'm just sad its over. :/ i took the test and it was a bit tricky. but i think over all i did ok. after school i got picked up by brian and we headed back to his place. i wanted to sleep but he tricked me into staying up with an in n out grilled cheese. *glares* clever clever boy... we watched part of a movie but i was sleepy and started to crash out. BEDTIME DING DING.

saturday: we needed to drop my parents off at the airport. the carride was kinda amusing. but my father had to make sure he got a weekends worth of sillyness in the 15 minute ride. so he could fill his weirdness quota for the week. i call it berto-ism. its kinda a bad thing. *rolls eyes* so after the circus ride, we headed over to sharky's. so i could get my burrito on. the supply sargent was our next destination. i tried on some little kids military stuff and made brian try on this yummy sweater. MMmm. i bought a belt + glasses repair kit. we attacked the woodland hills fry's. I bought $13 card for my digital camera. i went from 15 to 65 pictures in an instant. viva. i could just live forever in fry's. especially since this one is alice in wonderland themed. <3 <3 we headed back to the house and after thinking about going to dungeon. i ruined it by forgetting my id. c'est la vie. not that i was too upset. ;| we ended up watching terminator 2. which was quite fancy.

sunday: skating at venice/santa monica. then over to the sunland for lunch with carina. we went to ruby's and all drowned in mayonnaise. we headed over to john's for a bbq. i watched the boys eat meat. i had some garlic bread. then it was some jackass goodness.

monday: disaster. i'm still kinda po'd so i'll give a brief run down. no bus for 1.5 hours. almost missed make up test. then to toi for thai goodness. i was happy to see smash. which was so great.

teusday: crazy! i had a really fab day today. started with bleeding. and horrible horrible cramps. woke up took some drugs went back to sleep. after sleeping i got up cleaned the ferret cage / took some pictures. then got kidnapped by david and inthia. the day consisted of salvation army. i bought a rad casio keyboard. then fudruckers. and then finding nemo. <3 which was super cute. i had a very fab day. <3 inthia. <3 david.

now. may i please introduce Berrylium Stitch McFerret III


2003-06-03 13:02:35 ET

today's bus ride wasn't the usual depressing state of affairs it usually is.

i give my fare to the machine and proceed to the empty seats in the back. i pull out the gameboy and the walkman. it detours people from talking to me. after a couple stops and people sitting down in my general area i look up to survey. there sitting across from me is crispin glovers face attached to a hobos body. now before i jump up to proclaim my love the stench hits. which promptly made me forget everything and then notice the ickiness about this person...

..but he still looked like cripin glover. i suspect this man was older though.


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