2003-06-02 19:12:45 ET

i'm going to try and stay away from being vague. i've attempting to type out three entries thus far today. and it comes off as all types of nothing.

so for the most part. sunday i went to brian's friends house for a bbq. i ate flamegrilled gardenburgers. the others ate steak lemon pepper butter. same ingredients different order i think. i haven't had much of an appetite since noonish saturday. we watch a bunch of adultswim, courtsey of tivo. and then the boys played supersmash brothers on the cube. i watched for a bit but i was so exhuasted from the weekend i feel asleep. pretty much after that i remember talking to brian about something, falling asleep again, waking up and being home. the only thing that makes the ride home worth it is when you get the goodnight kiss.

today i had photo. which went well for the most part. i was in a godawful mood cause of a terrible stomach ache and getting a bad night's worth of sleep. you know when you lay in your bed for two hours tossing trying to get to sleep. then you finally do and you have nothing but nightmares all night long. so the sleep you do get is more exhausting than turning in your bed.. i was printing a ton of crap and wasting paper. when i realized i had the perfect stuff. so off i ran punched out 5 prints and scooted on down to the bus stop. after waiting for an hour and half. i'm deciding on walking home. cause at this point it's hopeless. luck saves me and leo goes strolling by. hoorah! so i caught a ride with leo and his brown pride ride. we ended up going to glendale back towards school a pit stop in the tujunga and then to my house we get home before the buses probably even arrived to the GCC stop. i moped around after that slept a bit, forced myself to eat, and then watch the season finale of SFU. cleaned the ferrets cage and went out for a bike ride to break me of the saulking at the computer.

it did help a bit. i just wish i had a certain blondie close enough to ride my bike to. i need a night of sleep, like the one's i get on the weekend.

2003-06-01 00:59:23 ET

not that any of this is going to matter to anyone.

because that's where its at.

tonight was nicole's bachorlette party. which could have been fun. but i felt like complete crap the entire time. naseated and dizzy. by the time we reached the hotel the walls were breathing and the floor was moving like the ocean. we ate indian food. which i shouldn't have eaten.

anyhow that isn't what this is about.

i attempted to get to bed. didn't have much luck until about one. at 2:16 the phone rings. i jump up kinda freaked out. why? well mostly cause it was a kid crying on the other end. ...like the phone call was suppose to go to the mother of kidnapping victim.

which has left me in tears and freaked out.

2003-05-31 06:29:26 ET

you are BEETLEGINNY! zowie. you have this knack
for getting your natural hair to completely
surpass the visible color spectrum.
fashionable yet cunning, in your spare time you
attempt to convert boys and other household
objects into crispin glover whilst
simultaneously trying to see how many spoons
you can fit in your mouth. BIG spoons.

which member of the Tujunga Crew are you?
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all yr soul are belong to me.
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