stuff to do tonight.
2003-05-24 13:03:49 ET

an actual update will result later.

first! FREE CHEESE!!!

tonight is a neeto thing. for all of you in LA who don't like nekkid people wrapped up to look like sausage. The show is a themed show so your suppose to show up as an alter ego of yourself. i think its brillant. (

ALTER EGOS SHOW @ Del Mar Theater

6:30-9:30 - Reception / Performances
Cheese-eating and art-gawking, followed by a variety of identity-bending performances
9:30-12:30 - Live Music / Surprise Acts
The unruly antics of Kennedy, followed by Lily, L.A.'s post-punk chanteuse, with lots of surprises in-between
12:30-3:00 - DJs / Dancing
A rare L.A. appearance by DJ Assault, Detroit's accelerated funk master, followed by Randy J digging deep into the electro-booty vaults.

2003-05-20 17:50:36 ET

today i had a fabu day. well. it ended up being fun. i'll skip past the bad parts. joe and i hung out and went to toi. every teusday we hang out and over eat. i burned him some cd's. toi has awesome yellow curry. joe told me several stories from his past. i giggled. we listened to ballywood. i'm feeling very scattered. and i'm wondering how pretty, exactly it would be if i slammed my head into my monitor. wait for it.

what does any of the proceeding tell you about me? mearly nothing.

last cigarette: i took a drag off a chocolate mint thing. but i did not inhale.
last kiss: brian sunday night roughly between the hours of midnight and one.
last good cry: yesturday
last library book checked out: crash j.g. ballard
last movie seen: matrix:reloaded
last book read: crash j.g. ballard
last cuss word uttered: SH--beep. i guess i didn't really cuss. considering i said beep.
last beverage drank: thai-iced tea
last food consumed: thai- yellow curry, red curry, pad c-iw
last crush: brian but i'm sure crispen glover comes in really close.
last phone call: telemarketer threatening to kill.
last tv show watched: conan o'brian, the claymation one.
last time showered: this morning.
last shoes worn: black monochrome chucks
last cd played: fischerspooner
last item bought: "teen girl squad" shirt
last downloaded: reason 2.0
last annoyance: heat. not as i'm in heat. but the actual tempeture outside.
last disappointment: your mom.
last soda drank: vanilla coke sunday with brian
last thing written: i think your going to have to die.
last key used: the period key.
last word spoken: it.
last sleep: this morning
last im: something about getting reason 2.0
last sexual fantasy: you know if i tried to explain to you, you wouldn't understand. let's just say everything looked cubist and it was very very surreal.
last weird encounter: saturday night. i'd say the entire party was odd, but especially my encounter with indie boy #1.
last ice cream eaten: mochi-green tea
last time amused: today with joe. "TROJAN MAN!!"
last time wanting to die: monday night.
last time in love: never. i don't think its capable.
last time hugged: joeseph.
last time scolded: my father about cleaning.
last time resentful: i can't remember.
last chair sat in: plastic ikea chair
last lipstick used: mac red
last underwear worn: punisher boycuts.
last bra worn: uber padded black k-mart bra.
last shirt worn: stripped cut up shirt.
last time dancing: this morning in the shower.
last show attended: i think it was the IR show.

2003-05-19 21:48:37 ET

where can i even begin to start to explain how frustating living is sometimes.

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