2003-05-27 21:19:19 ET

woooooo what a great day! </sarcasm>

96 degrees but felt like 99. in a house that isn't air conditioned. the best part.. i spent it cleaning. then bitter. then some more cleaning. and all that was topped off with wanting to kill.

but the great part is my new ferret. he and pablo were getting along fabulously. i think pablo is happy to have someone her size to play with. which was honestly the cutest thing i have ever seen. i'm very happy to have a companion who insists on slithering around on the floor. *beams*

much love to my other friends who have had a poopy day.


2003-05-27 11:48:26 ET

next wednesday i have a photo project due. i haven't bagan to shoot. nor do i even have the faintest of ideas. this project will be very last minute.

but eh. what can you do.

update dujour
2003-05-26 20:26:58 ET

thursday: perversion. witnessed a grown man wearing a diaper. inside info: he used 6 of them earlier in the day. i had a nice time. i was dancing well. at least i felt like i had some for of rhytham.

friday: critique. well recieved. second class cancelled. *prances* moosed around. and then over to slimelight. ran into the blue crowd. and had a tremendous time with the girls. (much love to n2cole, alex, natasha, n1cole) talked to the uber hawt cyber chick. and had my picture taken by mr. og blue. and the photographer for the stranger. outside of club antics with mr. xavier.

saturday: slept in till 2:30 :X crazy art show, out to support my friend john (http://www.kranioclast.com/) watched some crazy performance art. my fave was the doll strip tease. a cute girl all dressed up like a doll danced around. VIVA LA PASTE-EES! came home watched orgasmo and slept.

sunday: died while attempting to go skating with the boys. i had a major malfunction. ankles started hurting, i got an ear ache, my asthma kicked in, and my tummy was not enjoying being a tummy. so i decided to sit on a bench and stare at the ocean. the boys went off and skated. a man who is a hair dresser at the standard wanted to eat my hair. i had a death metal guy sing pantera to me, trying to woo me. but when he came over to talk to me i wasn't having any of it. "i don't really want to make chit-chat." watched a very very cute poodle prance around and try to eat a much larger daag. grilled fish on the bbq and made some rice pilaf for the boys. (they consumed meat. lucas consumed a very scary portion of beef) we watched "they live" (which stars rodey piper) and "event horizon". made for an entertaining night.

monday: sleeping. then to islands for breakfast/lunch/dinner meal. and then over to the cinema for "bruce almighty" which was sucky. but there was a very funny scene that had me tearing up. and no it wasn't the dog pooping in the toilet. the kid who was screaming in the seat behind me made me annoyed. which then lead to anger, especially when the parents wouldn't shut it up. i was very close to telling them to kill the thing or take it on a walk. but all that would lead to is some form of argument/ words and then people thinking i'm a bitch. but after having to deal with kids screaming previously this weekend i can be sure to say keep those things in cage at home or buy a good gag or get the vocal box removed. (note: i hate children that make noise or disbave.... or breath) then over to jenners for ferret action. berylium had met speck and pablo and everything is going ok for now. (pictures to come)

i had a fun weekend.

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