So long for now
2004-08-21 13:17:52 ET

I am pretty much going to be disapearing for a while, if you don't have my contact information pm jules(gonzophysicist) or laura (jiinx)
To those of you who know me personally, I am sorry I have to do this. In about 6 months or so I may reapear but right now my life as I know it has to go on hold so that I may continue it later. This is just required sometimes. I'm sorry if I don't return your phone calls or e-mails. Don't take it personally.

This doesn't mean I will never be online, it just means it will be even more seldom than it is already. Thank you.

2004-08-19 16:56:10 ET


2004-08-17 21:03:48 ET

So my friend started a paper/online zine and she wants submissions of art. It can be anything you consider art-photograph, drawings, paintings, short stories, poetry, shit smeared on cardboard whatever
just so long as it's art we don't care
heres the site-
the girl with the s/n of tinabeast is the woman in charge so e-mail her if you have questions

and I have new hair, go look

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