all hallows eve
2004-11-01 09:38:43 ET

This is the first awesome halloween I think I ahve ever had.
I went to a show/party thing in the art collective part of oakland(which I ahd no idea it existed, but it's there and crazy awesome) I dressed as a wood nymph and mmy costume failed me. The vines kept falling off (and getting tangled up with fake cobwebs) when I was dancing and people thought I was mother nature.....meh...whateve....
A misfits cover band played and they were actually good. Another band from my home town(ish) played called Raging Dance Party...I drank too much sangria before I started wondering why I was fucked up so fast and then asked. Brandy had been added in abundance. drunk for a while I danced my ass off with my buddy alex(who rocks beyond everything) and this great guy who I have become smitten... should have worn ear ears still havn't fully recovered...

2004-10-24 19:08:53 ET

I drink now...sorta..thought you all should know... I need to quit smoking and go look at my old enteries...I should have never claimed and I appologize to those of you who are going strong....
anyway I am awesome these days and my life is falling together
so drop a line

2004-10-17 09:45:43 ET It wasn't 6 months and I think I was trying to be dramatic... I discovered that the internet that is making my life hectic its my life thats doing it and cutting off communication through the internet isn't helping. I am happy. I live in S.F. I am going to s.f. state in the spring. My life spins out of control no matter what I do. I think I secretly like it that way. Those of you I should have been contacting, I am horrible person and I blow people off...or so it would seem. October is destroying my sense (or lack) of order and I need a personal assistant...

right so Hi!
I missed you guys!

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