2003-11-24 20:26:04 ET

pink and green pink and green pink and green
will be pictured soon!

2003-11-22 11:45:23 ET

I was c-walking in the shower and fell. I also cut mu hand in the process. It proves ghetto is dangerous.
I now have my computer back!!!!
(the mouse that was in my hallway chewed through the internet wire...soooo) wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
also if someone is selling a car in california that is a manuel under a grand contact me!

pick it up..pick it up..pick it up..
2003-11-19 20:51:00 ET

So I am standing at my locker to day when I hear this guys say (to a girl)
'You know what I would like in a girl?"
I didn't stop laughing for a half hour

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