2003-10-29 15:31:59 ET

you mother should know whoaaaa
though she was born a long long time ago
your mother should know
sing it again
da da daa daa da daaa daa

sorry...singing again
can't wait until this weekend.
woo sat's grrrrrrr

haha..in class (english) today I was talking to my friend about when I am getting my piercing done, and the girl next to me turns and asks what I am gettinng done. I blush a little (because I am perpetually embarssed) and tell her. "My nipple."
she replies "Good for you, being a bad girl."
it was just classic.

2003-10-27 17:23:25 ET

no piercing of the nippular kinda. but I did get my right ear hacked and bled for abouut 30 minutes until I had a nice successful piercing in the cartilage. mmm pain(t)..
nice and quotey

"Give me a year and I will teach you to like pain(t)."

I still have not talked to boy. I have full intention of doing this. I swear.
Ist quarter of school is up. I am doing well like parents on prom night.

kiwi turned 18. woo for her. she will not see this.
rikki turned 19. she also will not see this.


2003-10-23 12:45:14 ET

I am getting my nipple piercing finally!!

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