I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas ...2010-12-23 18:59:50 ET

ahh, how I love Vancouver weather.
There is a rainfall warning (80mm or just over 3") with heavy winds through tonight and tomorrow.

whee ...

Classy ...2010-12-15 20:01:09 ET

So, my work used to have a "business casual" dress code, and we would have "jeans days" on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Then, earlier this year the company introduced a blog, where employees are free to tell the higher-ups what they think about various topics without fear of getting in trouble with management.

Almost immediately, a huge topic was created regarding the dress code and how outdated the idea was.

Shortly thereafter, they said "you know, you guys are right! no more dress code - whee!"
or something similar.

Some of the new hires on my team, who have never experienced dress code at the company thought to themselves "dressing casual all the time is pretty cool, but I like to dress up too, and I don't want to be the only one doing it" So a couple of them got together and decided to have "Classy Wednesdays"
They presented the idea at one of our team meetings, and today was my team's first "Classy Wednesday"
Most people remembered, and it was fun. We had a lot of the other teams talking.
I shocked everyone and wore a skirt ... nylons even! I was highly uncomfortable all day, but got lots of compliments, so it all balanced out ;)

'Tis the Season2010-12-08 18:20:43 ET

The only thing I don't like about this time of year is how busy everything is.
Every single day that I'm not working I've got something going on. I think the 23rd is the only day where I only have one thing to do that isn't too time consuming.
But it's all worth it in the end.
Good food and family fun.

Do you have any plans?

Party2010-12-04 14:36:40 ET

My company Christmas End of Year Party is tonight.
We are expected to dress up (i.e. cocktail dresses and suits), so I decided to go rockabilly and wear a cherry print halter dress and make an attempt at a retro hairstyle. I was going to do victory rolls, but I was having too much trouble so I went for teased and curled instead.

This party is huge. There are 2,400 people going and there were over 500 (angry) people on the waitlist.
This one filled up so fast that if you didn't RSVP within 2 days of the invitations going out, you were out of luck.

Starting a new short D&D campaign2010-12-02 20:18:06 ET

We were all sitting around talking about characters to make sure we weren't going to duplicate classes and whatnot.

One guy settled on a Dwarf fighter of some sort, someone else decided on a Gnome warlock, and then someone jokingly suggested that we should do the "short" party that we had been discussing for a while.

So, we are all Halflings and Gnomes, and the Dwarf is our "big" guy.

The short at the beginning wasn't intended to be a pun ... it's only like 6 sessions long.

I'm painting miniatures for almost everyone.
I'm going to have a busy Saturday I think.

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