would you like a tic tac?2010-11-22 18:23:28 ET

That is all.

2010-11-15 21:47:00 ET

The film about my grandfather's work was very interesting.
It went through the process of him designing a font, cutting it and casting it in lead.
It was weird hearing him again.
The filmmaker, while keeping the film fairly technical, managed to capture grandpa perfectly.
For those that were interested, keep an eye on the blog here: http://makingfacesfilm.blogspot.com/ because it will be on DVD hopefully by spring.

In other news, I caught a cold.
Gave it to The Rassedr, so we can suffer together.
We shall be a sad, sniffling, drippy mess.
There will likely be coughing.
Definitely some whining.

family2010-11-10 19:37:13 ET

My grandfather passed away earlier this year.
He was prominent in his field - working in letterpress printing and designing typefaces.
Before he died, someone was working on a documentary about what he did. (there are some clips throughout the blog)
It is screening in Seattle this weekend, and I am heading down there to see it with my uncle and my cousin.

There is another film about him coming out next year. This one focuses not only on what he did, but who he was. A clip can be seen here

It's funny. Thinking about him. I miss him, but not in a sad way. I'm happy that he did something with his life that is tangible. What makes me sad is the loss to an already dying art.

surprise!2010-11-09 16:12:12 ET

A co-worker gave me a Halloween present today.
She apologized for being late, but we have both been busy.
Inside was a bunch of pretty makeup, some cute jewelry, some handmade soap and a pumpkin chocolate bar (amazingly delicious)
She's such a sweetheart.
She has never celebrated Christmas (being Muslim), but loves Halloween (being goth), so she tuns it into a sort of spooky Christmas.
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...2010-11-08 17:52:38 ET

*blows off the dust*

over 2 years huh?

I figured I might have more to say, but no. I find myself as quiet as usual.

I'm alive, happy ... content.



how are you?


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