What? She's updating again?!?2008-08-22 07:21:41 ET

Yeah, so my life is pretty much getting a kickstart.

I'm married and I just got a new job.

I just have to finish one last week at the old job (and deal with some drama because of my District Manager being a bit of a dummy), then I get to go into a new job with better pay, better benefits and I will actually get my schedule 6 weeks in advance, instead of 1 day in advance! (seriously, I don't know what I'm working next week ...)

*poke*2008-08-18 21:14:26 ET

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2007-07-15 07:11:34 ET

Guess what happened!


I don't think I'll be able to stop smiling for a while.
It's so sparkly!


Stuff2007-05-03 21:19:06 ET

So, Warped & I will be in Portland for Convergence.
We should be arriving sometime in the afternoon on May 24th, and we will be leaving in the morning on May 28th. I hope to see at least a few of you there.

I've changed my hair a little, it's still mostly black and short, but my bangs are now manic panic 'red passion' which is more neon pink than red, but that's fine by me. It's also blacklight reactive.

'twas my birthday a couple of days ago, and yesterday, I got myself a tattoo. I took the photo myself, which is why it looks a little squashed. It's on my back, right below my neck, and it's only a couple of inches wide.
It was my first tattoo, and I was surprised that it didn't actually hurt.

I think that's about it for now

BOO2006-11-05 14:16:32 ET

I was in Vegas last week with Warped and his parents.
It was fun.
I was 'randomly searched' at the airport. The guards were really nice and joking around. (Warped got searched too)

Now I'm back in the humdrum work world. And getting back and seeing the state of my store made me feel like I really shouldn't have gone on the trip, because now I have to go in on my days off to make it all better.
But I suppose that comes with being a manager.

time to disappear again.

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