scarred for life
2004-12-02 08:36:57 ET

our teacher bent over and crawled under the desk antipathy has a picture of it... im scarred for life and now i know he was wearing whitie tighties.... not what i came to school to learn.

2004-12-02 08:38:11 ET

2004-12-02 08:44:40 ET

*opens his mouth to say something and then pauses*
uhh... ya know i'm just gonna leave this one alone

2004-12-02 08:44:47 ET

see i told you so, its scarey.

2004-12-02 10:15:15 ET

hahahahhahaha those are some seriuolsy good paint skillz!

2004-12-02 10:25:47 ET

you like the hands? it took a while.

2004-12-02 10:47:09 ET

WHY did he crawl under the desk?

2004-12-02 10:49:08 ET

he was trying to plug in something on a computer.. or find soemthing. and he totally shoved his butt in the air.. it was silly, i think im gonna ask him to do it again tomorrow so i can get a real pic.

2004-12-02 11:12:21 ET


2004-12-02 11:59:24 ET

and faith tricked me into looking... she just started laughing and pointing and i looked because she didnt warn me... thats why it scarred me for life.... i think i should tell my mommy
i started yelling that my eyes were scarred (not scared... scarred) and that i was ganna tell my mommy on him and really bad fake crying. it was scarey

2004-12-02 11:59:55 ET

we saw his pantie lines

2004-12-02 12:37:06 ET

guys shouldn't have panty lines. Thats disgusting :P

2004-12-02 12:59:16 ET


2004-12-02 13:06:40 ET

man panties.

2004-12-02 14:49:39 ET

yes it is disgusting especially on him i didnt not go to school to day to see that. and you so better get the picture tomorro faith i swear yall have to see it

2004-12-02 14:49:56 ET

paint shop does not do it justice

2004-12-02 15:24:36 ET

y'all are too cute. making me crack up over here... gah i remember this one teacher from highschool... always bending over. it was just wrong. and a teacher in middle school who wore REALLY short skirts. i don't know who she was trying impress.

2004-12-03 05:35:19 ET

haha, really short skirts on a teacher is funny, its like they are trying to see which kid wants to have a "teacher/student" affair with them.. hah.. hah.. ::thinks about porn::

i feel dirty now.

2004-12-03 05:38:55 ET

*considers telling a dirty story about a teachers short skirt, a DMB tatoo, and another kid in class but hen thinks better of it*

2004-12-03 05:39:44 ET

::imaging story:: no need to tell it..

2004-12-03 05:47:36 ET

yeah. it was 10th grade. that should jsut about sum up the whole deal

2004-12-03 09:26:52 ET

good lord what did i start y'all thinking about?!

2004-12-03 11:38:34 ET

dont worry im not thinking about it. but i am laughin at faith for thinking about porn and the story... she was thinking a little too much in class today... i kept hitting her arm but nothing works.... hahahahah than she was wipping lent off her ass and then she looked like she was pulling something out of her ass... lol then i pulled her pants from her ass and it looked like i was pulling something out of her ass.... it was hilarious
and there wer two guys watching me wipe the lent off her ass... they were like wow shes touching her ass... ssshhh faith doesnt know anyone was watching lol

2004-12-03 12:31:12 ET


2004-12-03 14:08:54 ET


2004-12-03 14:09:31 ET

i dont like how the picture of palowskis ass flashes everytime i reply on this one

2004-12-04 03:55:48 ET

hey, i wanted to say like, ya mr pawlowski does stupid stuff and all that but dont make fun of him coz he's my favorite teacher, man!

2004-12-04 15:27:11 ET

yeah hes cool and hes funny, but hes a pain in the ass for me too. but hes still one of my fav teachers too dont worry

2004-12-04 18:50:46 ET

hes not mean to me or anything.. im his favorite student. he told me so. :-)

2004-12-05 12:49:24 ET

lol. yeah well hes made me cry a few times in one day. and hes always yelling at me

2004-12-05 15:01:46 ET

i dont think he would ever yell at me. whats funny is when you get on SK and he yells at you but im sittin there on the same page and he dont care.

2004-12-06 11:18:25 ET

he yelled at you once i know he did, i remember but all you had to say was im done and he believed you i hate you...

2004-12-06 16:03:13 ET


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