2005-03-19 14:57:36 ET

looky looky its the background i stole from femm and saved as "femmorpheus silk.jpg" isnt it priiiittty?
it reminds me of femm
thank you femm
now i must coordinate everything
.... on second thought ... i like it just how it is now, i have my battle ground and i have my soft silk place. :)

2005-03-19 14:59:57 ET

did you steal it legally?


2005-03-19 15:08:00 ET

yep i told her and everything , i said i was going to steal her silk and make her immortal at the same time and i did. and now im proving it since she's not using it anymore

2005-03-19 15:09:16 ET



2005-03-19 15:09:56 ET


2005-03-20 13:55:33 ET

teehee, I'm flattered :)

2005-03-20 15:30:32 ET


2005-03-26 15:12:18 ET

prettyness.............. mine's still better coz i made it myself

::sticks tongue out::


2005-03-30 13:02:04 ET

femm: im glad yer flattered cause i wasnt sure if you would approve.

klemmy: i think so too. ::whispers:: thats why i stole it..shh..

faye-faye: did you forget "poop on faith"? ..

the nerve of her calling me poopface... shesh what it the world coming to these days?

2005-03-30 14:28:20 ET

heh heh... poop on me..

2005-03-30 16:31:47 ET

I always approve of that sort of thing :) You have at! :D

2005-04-06 11:23:12 ET

:) having. and thank you femm

poop on faith

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