first entry    2002-07-26 10:25:24 ET
ummm new to forum.. *scrapes boot against ground awkwardly*... i'm sitting at a cybercafe pretending to be jobhunting when really i'm nosing around in other people's lives on this website... they just filmed the 'today show" here like 10 minutes ago thats n.y, for you. im kind of scared because ive been offered a position with people working for me.... so does that raise me to the status of 'evil corporate genius' yet or what... but for now i'm just unemployed... and spent all morning playing quake tourney 3 waiting for phone calls.. unfortunately i dont have a connection yet so i was forced to play my computer.. and i hate it when something i bought outsmarts me.. bastards... i'm torn between going to a late night LAN party here and other obligations i have.. i may as well enjoy my last week as a free human being before corporate america eats my soul again.

::viva la doritos::

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