RivetCorp Impromptu meeting .. with pic's
2002-10-24 18:21:07 ET

okay so ill make this is short as i possibly can.. yesterday was my 20th birthday and i invited whoever wanted to come to web2zone to play LAN games with me.. i planned a basically low key night, thought only 2 or so ppl would show up. so i get to w2z. and nobody is anywhere to be found. i wander into the conference room downstairs (office space conference room they rent out to businesses) and there's all my friends at a conference table *minus the few who couldnt make it or live in florida* ALL WEARING TIES/SUITS. (for all who missed my bio, i have an enormous CORPORATE FETISH.) and there were 2 cakes on the table. and lots of vanilla coke! i should have known something was wrong when the other w2z employees looked guilty when i showed up... and whats more, there was a big sign pasted on the door that read "Lorraine Barcant: CEO!!!!" how fucking cool is that?? and there was even a DRY ERASE MARKER BOARD. so i did what any decent CEO would do and had a meeting!!! and proposed an agenda. Biomechanic kept wanting mass layoffs but i was more inclined to tackle the issue of our IPO. i picked NASDAQ. We also decided that some acquisitions were in order, including factories and hot sluts.

Rivetcorp: We're thinking global, and acting local.

RivetCorp is: DeathByDesign(CEO) Insomnia (Vice President), DasKreestof (Historian, Network Engineer) Doktor242 (Devil's Advocate) Biomechanic (Consultant), Venadium (telecommunications), Furax (psychological warfare, suspenders) , and the lovely, talented Azraeltrigger (Graphic Design) .

If you would like to apply for or change your position let me know.

afterwards we made KILLING on the komputer. we played Unreal Tournament 2. I got many many wonderful presents and was happy enough just to see my friends in what i have to wear 9-5... a list of presents that everyone got me will probably follow. i must also note that Biomechanic is extremely good at UT and shot us. a lot.

It was also my daddy's birthday. yup. thats what he got for my birthday. Me. and now, kids, the moment youve all been waiting for... pic's!!!!!!!!!
think i'll put em up 3 at a time...

*yes thats an sknet shirt**

<3's her friends... <3's them.

and the mastermind behind it all...Insomnia

I just want to say that i have never had a birthday party before. ever. and that almost all my wonderful friends *and a coworker too (!)* showed up makes me feel amazingly loved. i have to say that for all the extraneous drama thats been going on lately, once again my friends rock. and i have reached a somewhat contented state of equilibrium here in new york... thank you to everyone who showed up, or thought of it, or meant to... you guys r0x0r. i mean that.

<3 -

**more pix in a few minutes**

2002-10-24 18:26:54 ET

Awww... <3

We had a lot of fun! Good times.

I'm getting to work on IV of the agenda ...

2002-10-24 18:30:26 ET

RAWR!!!!! happy birthday again. im glad i was able to be a part of it in a small way. i hope u like the CD!

2002-10-24 18:37:42 ET

yeah it was cool. i think we all had fun! :-D
...and gus rocks the fashionable lateness ;-P

2002-10-24 18:39:44 ET

damn i wish i coulda been there: kreestof in a suit: thats awesome: hah:

2002-10-24 18:39:58 ET

Just wanted to point out Death By Designs modesty, as far as I remember, she had the highest score in every round of Unreal Tournament.

2002-10-24 18:40:58 ET

no no no it gets better ... just wait muahahaha i am ecstatic that we have made kreestof an sknet fiend too!!!!!1

2002-10-24 18:41:16 ET

noooooooo no no no DasK... Bio did!

2002-10-24 18:42:30 ET

yeah Bio fuxored us up like fo' real in Unreal

2002-10-24 18:44:28 ET

you look enough rude in that pic!! Skavoovie! friends look all ruded out too, good calledness. Good times had by all i hope? On a side and slightly related note, you're birthday is one month and 2 days before mine, i'll be 21

2002-10-24 18:45:02 ET

Damnit I *am* Smithers!


2002-10-24 19:01:52 ET

Happy late birthday =]

2002-10-24 19:03:15 ET

>>>Good times had by all i hope?

you damn right!!!

ub3r, thankies!!

2002-10-24 19:04:53 ET

Good to hear, well happy b-day then, glad you had good times, i'm still saving for my b-day, going to take a road trip and drink a plethora of alcohol cause i can. haha, yes i'm bored, waiting for an email to finish a project and like insomnia, you are now taking the brunt of my boredness,

2002-10-24 19:06:20 ET

well i about to post more pic's then bed.

tomorrow, more pic's as well as a list of presents i got. i think i am going to be entirely too fucking chipper for awhile

2002-10-24 19:12:19 ET

haha, completely understandable, birthdays are grand! always make ya feel chipper and giddy like, especially when pics are involved, need more pics of me, nothing recent, need a camera.

2002-10-24 19:18:25 ET

Yeah, Ifuxx0ed stuff up.


I am so gangster, y0.

White gangster.

White rapper.

I am everyone's favorite white rapper.

2002-10-24 19:19:04 ET


I wanna be part of rivetcorp, or at least own stock!!

and lookin' sexay in that subk.net shirt! ^_^

2002-10-24 19:20:26 ET

you can be on the BOARD OF TRUSTEES.

i was soooooo amazed that they used the facilities to print that thing up for me. it is now on my wall, forever.

I <3 my friends...

2002-10-24 19:21:17 ET

**im not even sure what a board of trustees is.. but im sure its incredibly important**

2002-10-24 19:22:24 ET

*tries to look important*

2002-10-24 19:24:37 ET

i'm much better at just looking busy...

Average Day At RivetCorp: "Quick!!! Lorraine's coming!!! Look busy!!!"

2002-10-24 19:58:08 ET

I think we should appoint Syko *master* of the Board of Trustees.

"Quick, Lorraine's coming, find a present!"

And not only did I use the facilities to print it, I used my boss too, cause I suck at design. (credit due: logo by Dr.242).

And Bio you are not my favorite white rapper. <3 Eminem. pfft.

2002-10-24 19:58:08 ET

nope it's "Quck!! Lorraine is coming!!! LOOK UB3R!!!!"

2002-10-24 20:00:09 ET

I'm at least your second favorite white rapper, right? :[

I use RivetCorp Company time and resources to persue activities of questionable legitimacy.

2002-10-24 20:02:52 ET

BIO: "I've done... questionable things"

242: "Nothing the god of BIOMECHANICS wouldn't let you into heaven for."

2002-10-24 20:05:36 ET

Okay Bio, you can be my second. But I better hear some rapping!

I use company time and resources to recruit for the RivetPolice bodyguard . . . and then I take them home with me.

2002-10-24 20:08:19 ET

R.P.!!! haha

2002-10-24 20:13:22 ET

Furax. .. I think. . . it's time . . . to dig up the body. What do you say. . . RP recruitment? If anyone would carry the torch, it's these kids.

2002-10-24 20:15:22 ET

hmm...all of them?

2002-10-24 20:18:47 ET

no no of course not. We'll have to discuss this. But we must agree to reinstate the idea first.

2002-10-24 20:24:24 ET

oooooh: i wanna be rivetpolice!

2002-10-24 20:25:41 ET

i'm down to reinstate.

2002-10-24 21:22:48 ET

Okay kiddies. Hold on to your bdus while Furax and I prepare the topic. It might be a while.

2002-10-25 16:35:25 ET

>>>>>>>I use RivetCorp Company time and resources to persue activities of questionable legitimacy

//like kidouching

2002-10-25 20:43:30 ET

I'm Kid Toucher Consultant, right?

2002-11-02 09:42:04 ET

LOL...looks like you kids had fun!:) I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say happy b-day sooner! I'm glad to see you had a nice one!

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