IndustrialNation - Girl of the Month. Vote for me (Vanity Kills) #9    2004-06-15 12:20:59 ET
I didn't even know the voting was up and enabled until today!!!

Anyway, here's the info kids!!!!

All you have to go is go to the Industrial Nation Girl of the Month webpage, bookmark it and vote once a day [that is if you wish] and click on me. I'm #9 and my name is Vanity Kills.

Thanks kids


The Pineapple


     2004-05-11 10:16:55 ET
Biomechanic made me succumb to this My Space tomfoolery!


that is I. I don't know if this works like Friendster but my e-mail address is

So, add away.

Miss Bea

     2004-05-07 19:23:17 ET
This is for Bio
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 Skinny motherfuckin' Puppy!    2004-05-07 07:34:37 ET
Cross posted from LJ like there is no fucking tomorrow!!!!!!!!

As we all know Skinny Puppy are coming to the grand *sarcasm* city of Philadelphia on June 23rd.And yes while poser a plenty will go and treat it as a "Scene Event" *insert eye roll here*some of us genuinely want to go for the music vs. "being seen". Puppy was the band that got me hooked on the genre in the first place and I vaguely remember "The Process" first coming out.Yes, it was a crap album and all but I had always wanted to see them live. I couldn't of course due to being a little teenaged kid and all.But it was one of those things that forever made me wish that I was the age I am now in the 80's when death rock and good industrial was plentiful.I was meant to see Ogre with stilts and mud, and somehow I doubt that we will witness that on this tour. But I am grateful nonetheless to see this influential and excellent group even 20 years after their glory days.Despite the lineup changes and the new sound. Despite people whining. Because people will always find something or other that they won't like.But I don't let naysayers rain on my damn parade and always have my own take on things, and that's how it will be this time as well

Since I'm poor I was worried about obtaining the ticket[Remember how psychotic I got over seeing Wolfsheim??].Len and I tried going the Guest List route first[I guess not paying for clubs spoils you on a level]but apparently Patrick wasn't having that.So, an alternate route was found."Creative Negotiation" was my method of choice. My parents were fighting for some inane reason[nothing new here kids as usual]and my father was going off on how my mother was going crazy and all that good stuff.So to appease her he was trying to take her out[it doesn't change the fact that he is indeed a lousy drunk..but whatever]to see Mamma Mia.Why Mamma Mia I don't know. They never even mentioned liking Abba. He probably just saw a Billboard Advertisement for it, because that is how they go everywhere.Usually without knowing what it is first. Case and point the Meat Loaf/Cyndi Lauper concert they went to last summer.They were really fans of neither. But hey,I'm sure you get the point by now. And since I always order their tickets online, it was my task to find 'em and purchase them. I told them I would but it's gonna cost 'em. Since the Credit Card was already out I decided to strike while iron was still hot.And they agreed since thirty something bucks isn't really much money at all.Even though I never did get those Mamma Mia tickets I sure as hell did genuinely try. But Telecharge/AOl kept on giving me Error Messages up the ass so no transaction was ever made. If they insist that I get them I can always call. Because I insist on keeping my word.And they kept theirs. Cause I got money the very next day. That day being yesterday, which is when I got my Puppy tickets.

So, I'm going.And if I'm working[which hopefully at the end of June I will be] there will be no ifs, ands or butts about it, cause I am going to that goddamn show!Hopefully, it will be a pleasant experience and no silly kiddie drama will spoil the day..which unfortunately tends to happen when I get overly excited about an upcoming event!

     2004-05-06 08:02:43 ET
I'm updating because my life was threatened by Jesse!

What's the news?

1- I have 3 seconds of fame on an upcoming VnV Nation home DVD.It was a show I went to in 2001.I'm yet to see it. But be warned I'm more futurepop than Ray who is the Supreme Lord and Master of futurepop. Oh man..I'm going to hear so many SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORDS comments now. I'm awaiting them anxiously.

2-Today I might or might not go see Manufactura.They are always touring, so they are not really all that special.However I know that Lenny is dying to pass of a Cenotype demo on the poor and unsuspecting Karloz.Speaking of Cenotype my Flava Flav status is shaky, as I quit last month and now I might or might not be still doing it. Either way it was enough to delete the link of my LJ User Info, and you all know how important that is

3- Who is getting a Skinny Puppy ticket today? Yes, I am. Filthadelphia here I cometh.

4- New hair.Gothy purple and black coming this weekend. Time to buy a parasol because reviving the gother than thou me is in order.


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