Death to South Jersey!    2002-11-30 00:19:13 ET
I am officially refusing to leave N.Jersey.
Only in South Jersey do you get pulled over for drunk driving when completely sober. God has a sick sense ov humor I suppose.

Oh, well that is another $40-something(if not more) that I don't have.

It would help if I kept my documents in my car.

I'm definitely not leaving the house out ov the fear ov being pulled over now.
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 i have arrived.    2002-11-29 13:32:54 ET
Due to lack ov funding , I shall go out and indulge in some low budget weekend activities.

No clubs, just maximization ov my caffeine intake. Going to go make my veins explode.

And then I'll come back and think ov something witty for my bio page. Ja.


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