2002-12-24 11:26:20 ET
Mental note: Spend as much time away from the family today as well as tomorrow as possible.

Feel free to save me.

 Conduit!    2002-12-23 22:58:11 ET
It is 3:00-something a.m., and in the midst ov boredom( I had too much coffee today) I was going through the Conduit picture gallery. I guess once in a while they have events that are supposed to be "special" and out ov the ordinary or some other over hyped bullshit.

*ugh* I thought a Jersey club would know better than to hire 17 year old fetish clown looking "dancers" for the event.

I am officially sick now.

But then again, Conduit will do anything to draw a crowd. Even if monkeys have to be imported from NYC.


 Pineapple desensitization (if that's a word :P)    2002-12-22 14:29:51 ET
I watched some rather gory and graphic movie today. And..it did not bother me damnit. Evisceration and consumption ov human flesh apparently has no effect on me.

Chopped off penii have no effect on me. Maggot eating has no effect on me. Meat hook thru the boobies has no effect on me.

That's pretty disturbing.

Then again I'm a blood and guts kind ov chick.

Shock me

     2002-12-19 10:58:26 ET
I want to see hot elf ass tonight, since the actual movie was devoid ov many a hot elf.

Ok..I'm off to molest some Spock eared blondes. :P

     2002-12-18 13:13:07 ET
O.o lame bitches who feel the need to talk shit in Live Journal ov all places need to die. How? Simply by looking in the mirror.

Oh yea..living in the glory ov being some lame college station DJ is something she'll cling on to for the rest ov her retail life.

Pffffffffffft. People actually IM me to tell me these things too. Lovely.



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