2002-12-16 11:22:54 ET
And my life ov being stuck home w/out a vehicle continues.

I miss having that thing called a life I had just 2 weeks ago.

     2002-12-12 10:10:37 ET
I need:

1-car insurance
2-giant fruit costume
4-less tickets
5-more money


     2002-12-11 09:58:20 ET
Gotta go pick up some lovely certified mail from school. I have a feeling that it's one ov them "Get the fuck out" letters. *he he he*. Damn, my mother is going to bitch 'till I'm 30 about this. Too bad I live at home. Oh well. Maybe if I actually "applied myself" I wouldn't get notices about getting kicked out ov college. But at least it's nothing from court. Well, at least not yet...

And I have no more car insurance for now.

Haaaa....what's next I ask myself...watch me to go jail or something equally sick.

Those chicks in jail might be androgynous, but certainly not hot.

Heh..diced pineapple..


     2002-12-09 19:52:06 ET
Hooray for unhealthy attractions :P *he he he*

 Girls, girls, girls.    2002-12-06 18:52:17 ET
So, yea some really hot lesbian chick gave me the ich will dich look today (more than just one look really). I would've talked to her and all, but I was going about 90 on the Parkway so sign language flirting might have been risky.

Too bad, but an ego boost nonethless.

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