I honestly don't want to rock and roll all night.    2002-12-05 16:58:41 ET
That goddamn Kiss song where Gene Simmons or whoever sings about wanting to rock and roll all night is presently stuck in my head(as it has been all day, ALL day). I think it was the devil who sent up that morning show that my father was wathing or something, because that godawful song was stuck with me ever since.

Now, my mind is adding the dancing Gene Simmons visuals too. Nice chest hair.

Oooh stop it.

 Viscera all over.    2002-12-04 13:47:59 ET
Girls do stupid things to be beautiful. I (in case you failed to notice) am a girl. Thus..you can draw the other conclusions yourself.

I think I forced myself to drink about a gallon or so ov water (it clears up the complexion) in the last 3 hours.I think I'm going to burst (entrails ov mine marking interesting abstract wall art)

I now am going to rub aspirin all over my face and then part take in any other obscure beauty ritual that I think will help.

Us females need serious help.

     2002-12-03 18:05:57 ET
Now accepting donations from the Stacker 3 Fairy.

Cause it's the season to give.

     2002-12-01 19:05:39 ET
I have my little cheering section organized to go to QXT's, so they can see me NOT win the Beauty Pageant.

Woo hoo.....gonna make a huge ass out ov myself this Saturday.


 Look ma..I'm a model.    2002-11-30 19:12:51 ET

So both Little Melissa and I are in the Illig.com catalog. O.o.

Too bad you can't see our faces. Hey...what are you trying to tell me? *Hmph*


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