2003-05-15 14:49:39 ET

ok yesterday at lunch, i was walking to 711 just any normal day and when i got there i saw like a whole bunch of people talking in a circle and stuff and i didnt think anything of it and then out of now where my friends anthony and jaun started fighting (cause jaun owed anthony money and didnt pay him back)anyways so they started fighing and shit and like anthony got like one good punch in and like jaun had this fat bump on his head and then this guy angel came and broke it up and they left.... then like 15min later they both went to go smoke some bud and then like i went with my friends steve and amanda so i could go smoke a stoge cause i was scared that the cops were gonna come so yeah and jaun was back there and then out of no where anthony comes up out of the cuts and they were both like you wanna finish this and so they started round 2 and this time like jaun got his ass beat so fucking bad like anthony started punching him and then they fell in some ivy and started wrestleing and then he pushed jaun up against the fench and started beating his head against the fence and then he fell over this brick thing that we all sit on and his back cracked but nothing was broken and then this big black guy named brandon came up and punced jaun in the face and my friend jesus pimp slapped him and that was really fucked up that anthonys ass friend brandon had to come up and fucking hit juan cause that was just between anthony and jaun but yeah jaun is so fucked up like his eyebrow is like caving over his eye and he has this fat ass bump on his dome and his eye lid its so bad and anthony only has scrapes on his elbows and thats it i swear that was a good fight though its not often you see those at my school!!

yes i am definitly sick
2003-05-10 02:14:25 ET

yeah like today my throat still hurt again and like i was feelling alright like all day and then i went out and kicked it with ALEX i was so happy but anyways and then like yeah i was out till about 10:15 and then i came home to try and go to bed and my nose started to get all stuffed up and now im talking funny and it sucks and im hella sick and im hella pissed because i cant work today and i hella wanted to so i could get some money and like im awake because i cant even get to sleep thats how fucking conjested i am and uhh this shit sucks cause im hella tired i need to hav emy mom take me to the store and get me some robitussen uhh i hate getting sick that shit SUCKS!!!

i think i might be sick???
2003-05-08 19:32:25 ET

yeah i think that i might be sick cause last night before i went to bed my throat started to hurt but i just thought that it was dry so i drank some water and it didnt go away so i thought ok maybe by tomarrow it'll be gone but it wasnt it got worse and it hurts hella bad except it stopped hurting for like 2 sec when i was eating some pasta but yeah i hate the birth control that im on it makes me so depressed and it makes me really bitchy like any little thing will piss me off like my b/f was talking to me and i would just like roll my eyes at him and like i dunno just act like a real bitch to him but i dunno im not at all like that ever and i really dont like what this shit is doing to me but my friend marina told me that i should just wait a month cause my body is still getting use to it and see if anything changes and if not then i should try something else buti dunno i kinna dont want to have sex anymore i think its because i dont think that im really ready for it and i think that i should've saved it i dunno i want school to be over already i am just really getting tired of everything going on and im getting tired of everyone i dunno i dont really even feel like going out this weekend i just dont even feel like hanging out wiht my friends at all im just getting sick of them i mean sure i like being with my friends but sometimes their just so fucking immature that i want to just smack them and i dunno i was talking to my brother about it and he said that im acting like this because im starting to grow up and that im growing up faster than my friends are and he said that the same thing happened to him when he was a sophmore but i dunno i just really need to get out of here and get away from everyone here and everything here i just need a HUGE CHANGE!!!

weekend was fun
2003-05-06 20:07:12 ET

yeah so the weekend was hella cool i swear on fryday ihad never tasted strawberry pop tarts that were so good i swear it was so bomb but thats cause i was in another state of mind hint(MUNCHIES) but yeah so that happened and then on saturday when i was working some guy over the phone started hitting on me and like invited me to a party and then i screwed up on his order so he called back and he was like yeah a way to make it up is let me take you out to coffee and then he was like yeah if you dont call then you'll be in big trouble i was like umm ok but i never called him i really hope that he doesnt come into my work i dunno he sounded cute but he was also 22 and plus ilove my chris to peices but yeah then later that night i went and saw malibus most wanted that movie was so gay but so funny if you were in a certain state of mind but yeah we only went to see that cause the line for x-men 2 was so fucking long and it was sold out so that was retarted i want to see that movie so bad cause when i was little i use to watch the cartoon and i thought wolverine was the coolest and in the movie he looks damn sexy but yeah and for some reason im having all kinds of pains all over my body like someones stabbing me everywhere on my back, on my kidneys, on my heart, and on my stomach its strange but yeah i almost forgot i went tanning with my friend amanda on saturday cause i just cant wait till the sun comes out because its gonna take so long with all this rain thats been going on and im getting pissed because i hate having my skin kinna pale it just bugs me cause im half mexican and i dont even look some what of my culture but anyways my back and my boobies and a little of my toochy got burned it sucks cause i was wearing my back pack yesterday and it hurt so bad to wear that bitch around but yeah i hope i find out whats wrong with my body

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