everything sucks
2003-04-15 14:53:00 ET

work sucks now that i know what to do and shit its kinna boring cause on the weekdays the fone hardly ever rings and i just kinna stand there doing nothing but its chill cause theres this cool guy name greg that works there and hes funny and hes like one of the only people there that talks to me except this one chick named lupe i think talks to me but she tried to talk to me in spanish but i could only make out some of what she was saying so yeah but yeah and we have this fucking retarted testing shit going on at school which means i have to show up at school at 7:30 every morning and its dumb cause we have to take tests for 3hours and i always finish early cause half the shit i dont know or im to tired to think so i just try to finish it as fast as i can so i can sleep.... today i feel asleep and then woke up hella fast cause i was uncomfortable but yeah i cant wait till fryday cause i get paid and then i can have money for 4:20 and i can have money for spring break but one thing is cool i get to see my good friend SOPHIE cause shes coming for spring break i hope it gets hot while shes here so i can force my brother to take us to the beach which i know he probobly will cause hes been pretty chill lately but yeah only 4 more days till 4:20 and 2 more till spring break YAY!!! cant wait and then i get to see my brother and his wife and my cutie nephew

first day
2003-04-09 14:04:30 ET

yesterday was my first day it was pretty cool my uniform sucks and i have to wear a damn hat but its chill i was so confused about everything and i dunno im still a little scared about working but excited at the same time and its cool cause everyday that i work there i get free pizza which is sick cause i love pizza

2003-04-06 19:43:08 ET

im so excited i got the job and i start training tomarrow... im so happy cause now i can finally make some money and i can get my cell fone turned back on.....hahahahahaha (EXCELLENT)

Job Interveiw
2003-04-06 12:55:45 ET

yay everyone wish me luck... im about 10min i will be going to my job interveiw i might be getting a job at pizza hut i know its pretty lame but hey back off its a job that doesnt pay that bad.. i hope that i get it i really need a job so that i can get my cell turned back on.. anyways i saw the scariest fucking movie last night the movie the ring scared that shit out of me... after i was done watching it i started shakeing and then i tried to call my b/f but like some answering machine came on for a different number and it was strange so i checked the number and called him back again and the same shit happened i was like wtf anyways yeah well here i go ihope i get it.

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