2003-04-05 15:07:52 ET

i got some bad new on thursday. my friend sophie called me and she told me that her mom had died thursday morning. its crazy that her mom died because for the past 2 weeks i have been pretty depressed and i was thinking about death a lot and i just had a feeling that i knew someone was going to die and its strange that her mom died...i sucks so much though cause her mom was such a cool lady she was so nice and she didnt deserve to get cancer and die.... but i hope that i can see sophie during spring break because i know she needs me right now.. i have some more bad news my friend laura went home on thursday morning cause she wasnt feeling good and she didnt some to school on fryday either i finally got to talk to her last night and i asked her what was going on and she wont tell me and im really concerned about her and i hope thats shes ok i just wish that she would talk to me and tell me what was going on cause im sure that she could use a friend right now. and yeah i thought i was off of being grounded cause my mom came up with this new system thing and so i went out yesterday and my moms so gay she only let me out for 2hrs and of course i came home and hour later but thats because i missed my bus so now im grounded again i swear she needs to get over herself trying to control me and keeping me home all the time.. she needs to let me have more freedom..

The Beach
2003-03-30 16:22:44 ET

yesterday was cool i went to the beach with my brother and his friend conrad. it took us forever to find a parking spot but we finally did and we put some ronas in my back pack and went down to the beach and chilled my brother and conrad found this tetertoder thing that goes up and down made out of logs on the beach and were playing on that it was pretty funny. then we went to streetlight reocords and we went to the catalyst razel from the roots crew was playing but we coldnt go cause we were out of money and my brother had to be home at 9 because hes still on house arrest but on the car ride back me and conrad shared a ****** and that made the car ride better and then that was it i came home and went to bed. today was pretty fucking boring i cleaned the house cause im still grounded from a couple weeks ago so it sucks hmm yeah i cant wait till tomarrow i want to see chris so bad. i think i might be getting put on the pill soon because i really want to quit smoking and i think if i got put on that it would help me stop cause i herd its relaly bad to smoke and be on the pill so hopefully it'll work for me and then chris wont trip about me smoking anymore

YAY!!! i can bring two of my friends!!!
2003-03-27 19:22:30 ET

to understand my subject you had to have watched crank yankers last week it was hella funny and ever since i saw that episode ive had this quote stuck in my head. but anyways this week has been strange like i didnt go to my math class on monday or tuesday andthen on wednesday i apologized to my teacher for calling her a bitch and shit and so now me and her are chill i just keep my distance from her. but yeah yesterday this guy named scott like we were at 711 just chillin and then he picked up this big ass battery and he trew it accross the street and he hit the back of a car and broke the back window. it was hella funny but it was so fucked up and then like the old people that he brokes window came out and started picking up the glass but they didnt know who did it cause scott hella ran after she say it shatter. but yeah i hope that my mom has forgotton why im grounded and i can go out this weekend cause my friend invited me to the beach and i really want to go cause i love the beach and i havent been in a long time and i really need to get my pasty ass tanned. but yeah i was happy i got to talk to my good friend alex i havent talked to him in a long time i hella miss him!!! :( hopefully he gets off of being grounded soon. but yeah i washed my cat the other day so his furr is now very soft and no longer reaks of urine. mmm so thats been pretty much my week oh yeah my boyfriend cut is hair and i really wish that he didnt cause it looked really good long but oh well he always wears a beenie anyways so i guess it doesnt really matter... i cant wait for the WEEKEND!!!!!

normal day
2003-03-24 17:41:19 ET

yeah so today was a little better than fryday but yeah this weekend was strange like my mom left this weekend which i think is funny because me and my brother like just got in trouble the weekend before last because he had a party and well yeah i was gone if you know what i mean anyways yeah so she left again and like my brother just had some friends over but not like a party like just 10 people at the most and yeah that was chill it was kind of boring but it was cool but yeah and then on sunday i went to oakland with my mom, eric, and bruce and we say my aunt carmen shes cool and i saw the funniest looking dawg it had the body of a sasauge and like this really really tiny head and its eyes were so big and beaty and it was so funny looking and it wouldnt stop staring at me and then the little one was jumping all over me. and yeah when i got home my mom made hamburgers and i ate 2 in a row and my tummy got to full like i went to bed after my tummy stopped hurting and then when i woke up this morning it was still full. but yeah i paid for that later today cause around 3rd period my stomach hurt so bad and it just got worse and worse and then by the middle of 6th per. it started to go away and then it left so i feel hella better now and it was hella cute cause i told chris that i had a tummy ache and he was like do you want me to buy you some tums i was like no its cool it was just really sweet. oh yeah and my cat yaked in the living room it was hella funny cause my mom was all umm someone threw up it wasjust funny cause like she said someone instead of sayin the cat threw up i dunno it was just funny to me

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