at school ditching 7th
2003-05-02 12:32:18 ET

yes everyone i am at school ditching my 7th period class because i didnt finish my poetry note book cause it thought it was due on monday but it was due today anyways its pretty boring its fucking raining outside and it sucks ass. but yeah i hope my mom lets me out tonight cause she was being a bit of a bitch yesterday and i hope that i got a lot of money from my pay check that i get today hmmm i guess i have really nothing else to say?

running into your night stand sucks!!
2003-04-30 16:47:03 ET

i swear to god i am so fucking clumsy... first i ran into my night stand and got like 3 fat ass bruises on my left knee and then i ran into the side of the coffee table and then i was wretleing with my brother and my shin (i think i spelled that wrong) so my lower right leg hit this really hard part of my couch and now i have 2 big ass bruises there it sucks im so retarted but anyways being back at school sucks and im pissed that i have to go to summer school but oh well im pretty pissed at myself for having such bad grades this year this is like the worst grades ive ever had in my life but yeah

fuck spring break and any holiday that i have during the school
2003-04-24 18:26:08 ET

i hate this shit once again i am grounded for some stupid shit i dont even know what the hell my moms so pissed off about this time fuck her im so angry this spring break has sucked ass except for monday night when i snuck out and i went up the look out spot with my brother and a couple of his friends that was hella chill and 4:20 was alright till i had to go home and have my mom bitch at me for some stupid shit i think she thought i was drunk but i seriously wasnt and what sucks even more is when she went fucking crazy she told me that my friend sophie couldnt come down for spring break i swear my mom needs to keep taking her medication cause when she doesnt she goes nuts and i think shes just taking her anger out on me because she just broke up with her boyfriend and i think shes trying to keep me home more so she wont get lonely but i really could give a fuck because shes a fucking bitch and never lets me do shit i know this isnt a time to be selfish but i dont really give a shit cause im always there for her and shes never ever there for me so FUCK YOU MOM!!

2003-04-19 08:29:08 ET

yay!!! yesterday was so great i got off of being grounded and i got paid which means i have lots of money and "I do what i want" hehe but yeah i think im gonna have my mom take me to the mall today to get some new undies and yeah i was so excited cause my friend ALEX came on thursday to see me and i was so happy cause i hadnt seen him in so long and it was great i hope taht hes not grounded cause he didnt get his weekly progress report signed but yeah im so ecited cause my friend sophie is coming on wednesday and theres only 1 more day till 4:20 i hope that i can get out of the house but yeah my moms being kind of gay right now because i came home last night and i was a little messed up and my mom was just hella talking shit about me to my brother and is being so stupid cause shes talking shit about me right in front of me shes so fucking stupid.

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