sucky day
2003-01-17 22:27:14 ET

yeah so my mom found out that i came home hella late and shit so i got grounded for today but i think that shes pretty chill about letting me out the rest of the week which is cool im so happy i get to see my brother on sunday finally i havent seen him in 2 weeks and it sucks cause i wanna talk to him so bad but yeah anyways yeah i got into a huge arguement with my ex boyfriend joe because like im moving on and he still hasnt even though he says that he has but i can tell that he hasnt because he'll always bring up like how things are going with me and chris and shit and like how we never hang out and shit like that it just bugs me but yeah i hope tomarrow will be a better day cyndi my child i miss you so damn much and i hope that you get my letter but yeah im listening to janis joplin and she fucking rocks but yeah peace out

2003-01-16 22:01:24 ET

today was great liike i only had one final so i got out at like 9:25 cauase i dont have a first period so that was cool but yeha like i went to IHOP iwth wishnack and chris and we got soem relaly good pancakes so that was cool and then like we went to chris's house and had some fun there and then we went to the park had A LOT OF FUN THERE!!!! and then we met up with my ex/boyfriend paul which was cool like me and chris talked to him for hella days and then me and chris got a ride to de anza park and like yeha so we started gettting into it and like yeah then clark bugged us so we went over there and like yeah we talked to some people for a little while and then we went to sunnyvale middle school and we hung out there and then we and chris went off on our own andthen like we were getting back into it and then some guys who were hella faded like put some garbage shit on ther head and like that interupted us so like yeah and then aywyas like me an chris almost fucked butyeah anyways then we started talkig and shit and themn we went back to the park and no one was ther eand then we kissed an said our good byes and then i came home but my moms sleeping so i dont think she knwos im home yet cause i ddint want to wake her up and im so late coming home but yeah today was so great and i needsome fucking food cause im so hungry later

2003-01-15 15:22:25 ET

Yeah, yeah, listen to the story I'm about to tell
Another tale about that yayo
Little girl once innocent and sweet
14 introduced to the street
Started from weed, big smoke outs
before you could exhale, blunt in your mouth
Sham, Nay, blew you blew
now you need something else to do
A new high to try, a new place to go
introduced to the yay to the yo
House full of girls, old and young
playin it the table takin one on ones
Use dollar bills just to snort the lines
you see the big girls do it so of
course it's fine
Cocaine enforced on your mind
Now blow, then they blow in ya time
Let's go

Ayo for yayo
Walk around with yayo, all in my nasal
I must have been craze yo

Chompin and compin kicks some blind people with they fits
Where you fit?
Fillmore Street is where you sit
Don't go in the house till you move a zip
Worked a day and night shift
To stay awake, a nigga might sniff
not too much cuz you might slip
Instead of 28, you cookin 26
Keep a gat in the pack in the side
take a couple of tubes, then its back to the block

Back to the service out the sack
experimentin with that salt, what about that crack, huh?
One try, another try without a doubt
papered out, always at the Potter house
Day time, night time, nigga part it out
couldn't been (????)

Like you and I, super high, like superfly
one more line, one more rhyme like groovy and fine
I can keep you down, and get you high
You like to blow? (???), you want some more, for you and horse?
I kick off wars, and get behind walls
and corporate doors, executive nose sore
Rich man, high, eight balls and quarters
they call me, placin they orders
Bring me across the border, buyin the case
before I'm sold, they take the case
Snortin, have it, not with affordin
some use me, strictly out of boredom
I hooked people before man, I warned them
I took many people out before them
Doin my job, connected wit the mob
got President Bush, Whitney, and Bob
Many others all walks of life have one on ones with me every night

-Andre Nickatina
P.S. this song is fucking so sick i know some of you are like what hip hop sucks but if you acctually listen to the lyrics its so good oh yeah i love chris late

Such a happy day and i dont know why??
2003-01-07 20:14:26 ET

i dont know why but today was just one of the best days i mean nothing special happened it was just really fucking cool but yeah i dont know its strange because its like i should be stressing about hella shit i mean like i have to study for my finals cause there next week and like im kinna stressed about that but its like i dunno i just dont really care to think about it and like i should be like stressing about how like my brothers gone and how much i miss him and shit like that and how like i cant have the guy that i love so much and damn thats like that one thing thats been hella pissing me off but its like when im around him i cant like be sad at all and i was so happy that i got to kick it with him for a while after school oh i was so happy god he just makes me feel so strange inside i swear i have never ever felt this way about anyone in my whole life but yeah so im listening to a pretty old song and i bet cyndis gonna make fun of me for listening to this but hey dude this person does have some pretty cool music im listening to 1999 by PRINCE dude he's the shit but yeah anyways uhh cant wait till this weekend cause im gonna party like its 1999 with that beautiful boy i like to call chris!!! aww i love him!!! <3

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