2005-05-31 09:31:24 ET
Jooooooliiiieeee where are you!?! Come home! I miss you!

Still packing things up. It still sucks royal ass.
I am resorting to dumping things into garbage bags.
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 the cat is driving me crazy...    2005-05-24 10:06:11 ET
I would pay someone $40 to come pack up all the stuff in my kitchen. I'll toss in an extra $10 if you bring me some food too.

I made my hair and make-up appt. for the morning of Tracie's wedding. I can't believe it's getting so close! Of course, the day we move out of the apt and into the new one is coming quickly also. I'm going to rent a Uhaul and park it out front, I believe. I'm just nervous that someone will try to rbeak into it or something.
I've been procrastinating all day today. I need to start packing up the kitchen stuff and boxing things up in my room. Once I get started it shouldn't take long but I just can't get my butt in gear!

Jolie called a couple times but I wasn't ever home to answer the phone. I did get a post-card from her though! She'll be home in less than a week! Hooray! I need some entertainment.

 This is rough...    2005-05-16 20:18:00 ET
O M G I miss Jolie already. She's only been gone 2 nights!
The mew is following my around the apartment being a cry-baby because she misses her momma, and last night I realized how boring my life has gotten.
I was watching the Life Aquatic bonus disc while cutting up old t-shirts for a quilt I'm making and managed to finish off half a bottle (750ml) of Lambic and close to a pint of parrot bay that I got as part of my graduation gift from work. I considered calling my friend Beau to see if he wanted to come over but then I realized it would turn out quite the same way with each of us being bored and drunk together.
I'm sorta enjoying this home-alone thing right now. I cooked some tuna steaks earlier, which I don't usually cook because Jolie doesn't like the smell of fish. I can run around nekked if I want and listen loud music in the morning and everything! I'm sure I'll get tired of this in a day or two.

Today at work I realized that it's going to take a lot for me to adjust to not being in school anymore. I think I'll take some random interesting classes at LCC this fall like history or astronomy. I think I might get some certifications. It certianly couldn't hurt, right?
Maybe I'll try to get into the Fire Academy or do the Fire Science Technology program?
I can't believe some of the things they offer at that college. Public service? How do you major in that?!
I feel like a kid in a candy store checking out all the programs.
Man, I'm nuts. As soon as I get out of school, I want back in!

I am finding that I've been reading more now that school is over. I'm in the middle of East of Eden by Steinbeck and finishing up Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. I'll probably end up reading Diary, also by Palahniuk.
Fight Club is almost line for line like the movie but there are some big differences here and there. I think the book is actually better.

My sister's 20th b-day is wednesday. I have to figure out what else I should get her.
Tracie's bachelorette party is this weekend. Should be a good time.

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