2004-12-04 10:00:08 ET
It's finally December and in two weeks I'll be done with this semester. I'm so fucked over for two of my classes. I have to practically ace my finals to get 3.0's in the classes. I need a 3.0 average for my last 67 credits to get into my Masters program. I don't understand how I can completely understand what's going on in a class and be prepared for an exam[or believe i am] and still do shitty on it.
Test taking is my weakness. I don't get it though because I don't get anxious or anything and I always believe I only missed a couple then I get the exam back and BAM! I didn't do so hot.

I'm just glad this semester is almost over. I want to go home and see my family and work a little more so I have $$ and read some books and enjoy the feeling that I'm almost done with my Bachelor's Degree with the exception of 2 classes I must take in the spring.

Jolie has been looking at some apartments for Her, Cassie and I. Hopefully we can find a good one and actually get confirmation that we will have somewhere to live come May and not have to be on some waiting list. I just want a fucking roof over my head and a room that my bed and desk and dresser and other various junk fit in. I'm not picky.
Man, it will be nice to have to paying about $100/mo. less than what we currently are for a much nicer place. Especially since I'm sure I'll have to foot that or most of that bill come May because of the deal I have with my 'rents. Eek! Somebody find me an awesome paying job! :P

Time to get ready for work.

 I have to drive in this?    2004-11-24 12:02:51 ET
Stupid amounts of wet sticky snow
Where: East Lansing, MI
Reward upon removal!!


     2004-11-23 16:49:33 ET
December 20th-22nd I'm going to New York City. I'm going to New York. I'm going to New York. I'M GOING TO NEW YORK! I want to see NY at Christmas time. I just want to walk around and experience everything and anything that strikes my fancy.
Now, there are three things I must deal with:
1) Who else is going, and if more than 3- whose vehicle(s) will we take?
2) Where we're staying? I'm shopping around right now.
3) Where to park the vehicle(s) we drive?

I'm looking to spend minuimum $$$. So I'm looking at hostels or cheap hotels/inns. Someone has suggested places in the outer-buroughs, and by the airport for their better rates and parking areas. Anyone else have any suggestions? The parking situation is half the battle. Blegh.
Honestly, I have thought about staying up the whole time or maybe sleeping in the car but I would like a shower at some point I'm sure. I wonder if there are any truck stops with locker-rooms by any of the highways? I'm serious.
I'm going to crap myself with joy if this works out right.

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