2005-03-21 04:03:30 ET
Somebody ship me some coffee. Please please please!

I just found out I'm the maid of honor in my friend Tracie's wedding. She told me last night at the Bridal Shower. Her sister was supposed to be buut I'm not sure they're getting along so well since her sis is raining on her wedding parade by deciding to also get married 3 weeks from now.

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 I'm just one day closer to death.    2005-01-15 14:33:23 ET
whoa hoa hoa.

While sitting on the bus the other day it occured to me that this semester is really my last at MSU. For a brief moment I was excited but then I thought of all the normal little things that come along with being a student here and I was saddened. No more CATA bus rides, freezing cold walks from building to building between classes, or those rare absolutely beautiful days when all I want to do is just wander around campus taking in the view. And even though some of those things really suck ass[like class and bitter cold winter days] I will miss them. The place I've called "home" for 5 years and many of the people I have met will just become another chapter in the history of my life. Just as high school and moving away from home I grew up in have. I'm not sure why moving ahead makes me so sad. I think it has to do with not knowing what lies ahead. I'm nervous.

Senior yearbook pictures are next week. aha. I hate having my picture taken. I always look like ass.
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 why study when you can cry?    2004-12-15 14:41:45 ET
My parents, who I rarely see because of class and work, drove an hour to pack up my sister's stuff and move her into an apartment not too far away today. I talked to them Saturday and told them I would be home. They have my phone number. They know where I fucking live. But they can't call or stop by or acknowlege me at all?
I called my dad to see if they were in town at 7P and he said "Oh, uh, we're in Montrose. We're almost home. I didn't even think to call you while we were there." I reminded him we talked on the phone Sat and yada yada and that my sister said he had to drop something off to me and said "oh yeah I have some thing you left in my Jeep. I didn't even think to come by."
Thanks Dad. I love you too.

Maybe I just won't think about coming home for Christmas?

Screw you family.

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